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Sunday, March 07, 2010

[Mingpao Weekly 2156] Charmaine Sheh earning 7 figure sum monthly

(Note: Pictures credit to Wargods from Ent.163 TVB BBS)

Last year Charmaine Sheh defeated other siusangs and fadans as the highest earning TVB artiste with income exceeding HKD10 million. Entering year 2010, Charmaine immediately solidified her title. Early January, she endorsed a Malaysian skincare advertisement for over HKD1 million. During Chinese New Year (February), she succeeded Carina Lau's position as fashion label 'Wanko' spokesperson for another 7 figure sum fee. Charmaine is delighted with her growing earning: "The first two months is a good beginning with 7 figure sum advertisements. I hope more offers will continue to come. One (advertisement) per month will be great!"

Caption 1: The weather is extremely cold, therefore Charmaine stood near the heater before the photo shoot.
Caption 2: Charmaine made early preparations by choosing approximately 30 pairs of shoes from home to match different style of clothes. Really professional.

On the day of the (Wanko) photo shoot, the temperature is only around 10+ degree Celsius. Charmaine was shivering in cold as she wore the clothes for the spring collection. Before shooting, she stood near to heater to warm herself. However, she is extra energetic during the photo shoot. When the photographer requested to jump, she jumped agilely in her heels. The photo shoot progressed smoothly. The lady boss of Wanko; Mrs Cheng was there to supervise the shooting and highly praised Charmaine for bringing out the features of the wardrobe regardless of the style - be it executive, trendy or feminine. Charmaine says: "The executive look is rather unique. I seldom have chance to wear them. I remember when I shopped for clothes; there were a few executive pieces that I'd like to buy. They feel so professional, very 'Central'. I didn't expect that I won't have the opportunity to become an OL (office lady) after growing up. As for my favorite style, I like casual jeans and t-shirt with comfortable texture. Wearing sunglasses with no make up is the best."

Caption 1: Charmaine's series garnered good review and ratings, no wonder she receive advertisement offers one after another. For this fashion label endorsement, she receives a 7 figure sum fee.
Caption 2: Charmaine is particular toward makeup, hair and accessories. She often shows her best side to other people.
Caption 3: Charmaine wore different styles for the photo shoot - Trendy, Executives and Feminine.

Mentioning of her series [Beyond the Realm of Conscience] ranking first in TV series ratings last year and followed by her highest earning artiste title, surely her status as 1st Sister is rock steady with her continued momentum this year. Instead Charmaine said: "How to be considered as '1st Sister'? To me, Liza Wang is TVB's treasured 1st Sister! Actually I do not place much importance in fame and fortune, therefore I never pressured myself to become 1st sister, or earn the most money, or even winning awards. I have low requirements. I only hope to be happy everyday, to be able to smile in my sleep. Of course I have to earn money for a living. If I don't rely on myself, I don't think there is anyone to take care of me!"

Doesn't calculate about boyfriend's financial status

With her current success in both fame and fortune, there seems to be lesser men who are in league with her. Is she afraid of scaring away pursuers? Charmaine laughed and said: "I don't know. Firstly, men won't tell that to me. Secondly, I will not ask other people if they are afraid of me. When it comes to life partner, surely you look for someone who is compatible in personality, whether it's happy and comfortable being together more than how much money they have. Hehe, I doubt that in the last moment of your life, you will be thinking about the money in bank account and not the loved ones by your side. At the same time, I won't evaluate whether they are in league or not. You feel matching, others might not. Ultimately, communication is the most important aspect between two people. After all, it's a lifetime together!"

Charmaine who has been working non-stop is currently busy filming [Can't Buy Me Love] after wrapping up for [Heaven & Earth] earlier. Later, she will film another series with Raymond Lam. She also accepted offer for a mainland series. Don't say finding a good man, she doesn't have time for a holiday break in the first half of this year. Charmaine smiles and said: "The schedules are packed tight. By current estimation I will only have free schedule in October. Therefore if you ask me what I want most now, the answer is definitely to take a holiday break and enjoy myself. I really want to find a partner to accompany me to Greece. If a girl friend of mine can accommodate the time, then we will go together. I will also take a month break to accompany my mum in Hawaii. There are different stages in life. When you first started out in your career, you are young and workaholic. You don't care for other things apart from working hard to move forward and grasping at opportunities. You want to do best in your work and trying new experience. You fail to see other things. After 10 years, my mindset has changed. Now my life is stable, I start to notice the people and things surrounding me. In addition, mum fell sick as few years ago, her lungs have internal bleeding and went into cardiac arrest. I realize that I should spend more time with her and take responsibility as a daughter. All these years Mum has given me a lot of freedom with my career and never complained. Therefore for the past few years I will take a month break annually to go back to Hawaii. I made a promise with my elder and younger brother to gather and treasure our time together. The company (TVB) has been understanding and tries their best to accommodate."

Buying new car through catalog

Caption: Charmaine is so busy she barely have time to rest. Even when she's buying a new car worth HKD800, 000, she need an agent to arrange the car exchange. How funny.

Regarding her plans for new car and houses, Charmaine expressed: "I have always been busy. Earlier I have just bought a car I liked. But as I do not have time, I can only browse the car catalog and made my purchase without taking a test drive. That day I just left my old car key with the reception, the people from car showroom drove to the parking lot of my apartment and transferred my belongings into the new car. Afterward they drove my old car away. When I leave for work, I can drive the new car already. Of course you can't do the same when it comes to buying houses, you need to examine clearly by yourself."

Charmaine is so busy that she doesn't have time to visit the car showroom to buy a car. You really have to congratulate her for rolling in money!

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Yay for Charmaine! Really looking forward to seeing more pictures from Wanko endorsement.

From the article, it seems to indicate that her series with Raymond and her upcoming Mainland series are two different projects. Regarding the award, Charmaine's manager have not revealed further information yet, therefore I hope Singapore fans will be patient for the official announcement. However, I have confidence that Charmaine have high chance of winning and attending the award.

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