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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Charmaine Sheh treasure health as age increases

[Wenweipo 2/3/2010]

Yesterday Charmaine Sheh attended the new branding event for HK Health Check. She expressed that this is her 3rd year as the spokesperson for the company. Apart from the increasing annual fees, she also enjoy free check-ups.

Charmaine indicate that she regularly conducts health check. As an artiste, their schedule are often reversed and required to work throughout the night. Therefore they need to have health checks annually. When asked about her health condition, Charmaine Sheh: "Luckily there's nothing serious. During the first year, my cholesterol level was a bit high. It's my fault as I love to eat Chinese mitten crab. Nowadays I rarely eat them. I have grown older, but less courageous. I realized that as I grow older, I have lesser time left therefore I treasure life. In the past I will do the dangerous stunts such as hanging on wire, fighting actions by myself during filming. I remember during filming Chik Ke Yi series (Dance of Passion), we were filming by the cliff. When I stepped on the spot, I can see that the sands underneath were loose. I knew that it could be dangerous, but seeing that scene appears beautiful onscreen, I went ahead with the filming. Nowadays I'm more careful and emphasize in getting rest. However, I have 90 episodes of series this year. (Did you introduce friends to do health check?) Sharon Chan asked me if there's discount. (How about Moses Chan and Kevin Cheng?) They're older than me; they know how to take care of themselves!"

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