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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

[CBML] outdoor filming 13/3/10

Run Princess, run! Charmaine filming scenes being chased by assassin. More pictures here, credit to 梓洋仔.

Fu Ma coming to the rescue? More pics here, credit to 小维妮 Baidu forum.

I was relieved that outdoor filming was not temporarily suspended, as the media is still hounding TVB artistes for their opinion on Stephen Chan corruption case.

Extra: A-Fontane advertisement pics

Bebe emailed me some lovely ads of Charmaine for A-Fontane. Does anyone misses Charmaine's long hair? Hehe, don't worry, she will grow it back in time. However, I am starting to love her short do to bits now!

In the upcoming HK Filmart, TVB will release new DVD boxset for their series; among them are [Beyond the Realm of Conscience] and [You're Hired]. They will be in wide screen 16:9 resolution. It's just a normal edition as there would not be any special features such as interviews and BTS though.

p.s. Done with FEMININE mag translation.

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Advo said...

I don't know... Charmaine does look better with the short hairdo than most people, but I still prefer the long hair on her. Especially her hair in Yummy Yummy and FH2, was really beautiful and sleek on her. The short hairdo is more edgy, I think.

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