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Monday, February 01, 2010

Zaobao interview @ 1/2/2010

Note: I will be translating parts related to Charmaine only.

[ 01/02/2010]

The reporter asked Charmaine about her opinion on the increasing threats from new fadans such as Kate Tsui, Tavia Yeung, Linda Chung etc. Moses, who sat next to Charmaine helped by answering: "Tavia continues to film series, Linda is singing (being promoted by TVB as a singer) while Kate is filming movies."

The reporter asked: "What about Bernice Liu?"

Hearing his girlfriend's name, Moses comically turned his head the other way with "I'm not bothered with you" expression. Both Charmaine and the reporter laughed seeing this.

Charmaine praised: Moses is full of humor

Charmaine often have rumors with her male co-partners. The two of them (Moses & Raymond) have also collaborated with Charmaine before but their records are clean. No 'electricity' (attraction) between them?

When Charmaine heard the reporter mentioning 'electrify', she batted her eyes at Moses as indication of 'passing electricity'. Moses smiled and calmly said that the two of them has been collaborating in 3 series in a row (BTROC, HAE and Can't Buy Me Love) for the past year. He has been electrified numb already.

As for Raymond, he indicate it's not their turn to have rumors while filming together as their previous rumors with another person has not finished spreading yet.

Charmaine was asked about the differences working with Moses and Raymond. Charmaine said both are not bad but Moses is more humorous and wild. She exposed that in their previous collaboration, Moses will fart in front of the ladies to tease them. (LOL!)

Singaporean men's dream lover

Charmaine, who won 2 awards at 'Starhub TVB Awards' is currently the top ranking fadan in TVB. Plenty of experienced actresses are no longer contracted to TVB. Jessica Hsuan is starting to decline due to age while the younger batch of fadans after Charmaine is still struggling to break through.

Reporter: "Do you feel that you are at the peak of your career?"

Charmaine softly laughed and replied: "I'm still climbing..."

After she reaches the top, what is her next goal? "I want to film happily, so that the audiences will feel happy when watching the series."

Another reporter mentioned that Tavia successfully rise up the ranks through their series [BTROC]. What does she think about this?

Charmaine replied with confidence: "I think I performed well too."

When asked to give a critical judgment on her juniors Kate, Linda and Tavia, Charmaine seems to be reserved and does not wish to aggravate her competitors.

During the award ceremony, the host describes Charmaine as "Singaporean men's dream lover". She gracefully walked onstage with feminine charms and said with a smile: "This is my first time being called as Singaporean men's dream lover. This evening made me so happy." Even the photographer of was influenced by her charisma and patiently took her pictures as remembrance.

In the Chinese New Year movie [72 Tenants of Prosperity], Charmaine will guest star as a mean landlady. Also, she will appear in a silly girl role in her upcoming series. She hopes to present different feelings to audiences.

Do not repost.

p.s. Raymond mentioned that in his next series, his character is a 'non-human' from hell (err... interesting choice of words). I assume that the role is for his series in March with Bobby Au Yeung and Tavia. About his other series with Charmaine in May, there's no news yet.

• Charmaine confirmed with Singaporean fans that she will be working with Raymond in her next series.
• Raymond fans indicate that both series will be grand production.

However, I am a bit confused with the time line. Earlier, Charmaine mentioned that her next series is supposed to be filmed in April, and she will film another series in Hengdian during June. If the series with Raymond is to be filmed in May, does that mean her Hengdian series will be postponed? Filming a grand production is less than 2 months is not possible, unless a greatly reduced onscreen time for Charmaine. Otherwise is she flying between HK and Hengdian to film 2 series?

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Advo said...

Oh yay! I do hope Ray and Charmaine will collaborate again soon! Currently, I'm loving the Moses and Charmaine pairing, but my number one will probably always be Charray. :D

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