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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

[Heaven & Earth] filming, Charmaine Sheh risked life by dashing across the street

[The Sun, Oriental Daily 03/02/2010]

Charmaine Sheh who is currently working on two series is busy filming day and night. Yesterday she was rushing the filming for [Heaven & Earth] at Causeway Bay. Charmaine arrived on location around 10pm and study the scene with the director. The storyline is about Charmaine dashing across the street to chase after a bunch of youngsters carrying a mattress. Due to the heavy traffic, Charmaine had to re-shoot the scene couple of times. She remained professional and after filming her scene, she reviews the filming with the director. When not filming, she wore a thick overcoat to keep warm and reapply her makeup. TV clip

Hmm... Charmaine have not finished with her [HAE] scenes yet? Hope she get enough rest!

Charmaine will be attending an event at Happy Valley Racecourse this afternoon.

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