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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Charmaine Sheh's boundary exceeded – will let her lawyers handle the tabloids

[Mingpao 17/02/2010]

The rumor between Charmaine Sheh and Moses Chan has not subsided despite both of them denying in person. Instead, recently a tabloid alleged that they have been having rendezvous at hotel and was discovered by Bernice Liu. Charmaine was infuriated by this article as it has already exceeded her boundary. She decided to let her lawyer handle the issue, while Moses did not indicate whether he supports her action. She felt that Moses, Bernice and herself are victims of this incident and expressed that they would not be embarrassed running into each other.

Yesterday Charmaine attended the Lunar New Year celebration event at race course as performing artiste. She wore a red spaghetti strap dress (LANVIN label) and sang [The God of Fortune Arrives] and [The Sweetness of You] in the freezing 9 degree Celsius weather. She also gave out lucky red packets as she sang. Due to the cold temperature, Charmaine was frozen rigid and could not sing live. She said that she was trembling in cold and saw her rigid smile in the montage. She only decided to sing the pre-recorded version when she arrived at the venue and found it too cold.

Asked whether she visited Moses home during Lunar New Year, Charmaine indicate that she does not wish to discuss the rumor. Mentioning a tabloid alleging that she is secretly meeting Moses at hotel, she said that she will let her lawyer handle the issue and would not respond further. Is she angry? Charmaine said she hope that the topic will never be brought up again. In the past, Charmaine seems to tolerate the rumors. Why the sudden unyielding attitude? Charmaine explained that the article has already exceeded her boundary. She does not want to discuss rumors during New Year and hopes to find true love this year. She does not want to continue seeing this kind of baseless rumors in the news. Did she discuss with Moses regarding the article? Charmaine said that she informed Moses on how she will handle the issue, but she does not know about his plan. Did Moses express support? She said that Moses did not express anything. She believes that she would not be embarrassed running into Moses and Bernice as all of them are victims. They are colleagues and do not have any disputes. Please do not take the tabloid articles as the truth.

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Brrrr... must be freezing cold out there!

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