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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Charmaine Sheh: A "good idea" to invest in Singapore's properties

TVB's highest-earning actress of 2009, Charmaine Sheh thinks it's a "good idea" to invest in Singapore properties due to the "good city-planning" here.

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[ 02/02/2010]

Real estate agents here, start taking notes. Charmaine Sheh, one of Hong Kong's most popular TVB actresses and its top earner for 2009 (from dramas and endorsements), is considering putting her money on properties on the island.

The 34-year-old, who was in town last weekend for the inaugural StarHub TVB Awards ceremony, had recently declared wanting to "invest in property" but has yet to "decide on a location."

When reporters suggested Singapore, her face lit up and she enthused in excitement, "That is a pretty good idea!" before she continued rattling on how she's impressed and in love with the country's "cleanliness and the good city-planning."

Dressed in a resplendent white cocktail dress, Charmaine was all smiles when she commented on her position as the top-earning TVB actress of 2009. "Honestly, I was very happy when I read that report. I'm not sure how the others fared last year but I am pretty pleased with it. I hope to earn even more this year but I still think that health is most important."

She revealed that she "hasn't had a good sleep for a few days. I only slept for five hours for the past three to four days!"

After her goody-two shoes turn in the hit-period drama series, Beyond the Realm of Conscience, Charmaine Sheh will reunite with Moses Chan in two upcoming back-to-back drama series, Heaven and Earth and Arrival of Princess. At the press conference of the award ceremony, the two stars appeared to be comfortable in each other's company, cracking jokes at one another.

"We don't phone one another but we do talk about everything else. For example, properties," the pair chirped in unison.

Despite having worked together for three consecutive projects, Charmaine said that they are not tired of working with each other. "That's because Moses He was a fatty [in Beyond the Realm of Conscience]. He is skinnier now, and will portray a madman [in Arrival of Princess]. His character would even fart at me and [co-star] Chen Fala's faces in the show." she said between giggles.

Despite the record-breaking ratings of Beyond the Realm of Conscience, both veteran actors appear unfazed at the impending number crunch awaiting them.

Unperturbed, Moses commented, "As long as we are happy working with each other, that is all that matters – as long as it is fun!"

With Valentine's Day round the corner, we questioned both artistes on their rumoured longtime squeezes and fellow TVB colleagues, Bernice Liu and Kevin Cheng.

While Charmaine was more upfront and candid about her ongoing rumours with Kevin, as she believed the "very helpful and timely" rumours gave a hand in promoting Beyond the Realm of Conscience, Moses, on the other hand, dropped roundabout answers.

The tall actor, deviated from the topic and instead glossed over it by saying how rare it is for Valentine's Day to coincide with the first day of the Lunar New Year and wished for all couples in the world to have a "happy reunion."

He only started to open up when reporters threw him non-romantic topics such as his keen interest in coffee.

"Yes [I hope to open up my own coffee store] and I really do hope to have my own coffee brand. I am thinking about it every single second. I'm serious!" Moses earnestly shared.

Charmaine chimed in response to her co-actor's claim and wisecracked, "Ah Mo coffee?"

Catch both Charmaine and Moses on the telecast of the StarHub TVB Awards on VV Drama (StarHub TV Channel 55) at 7.45pm on 14 February.

p.s. Don't miss the hilarious interview clips from I've already posted the clips (with eng sub) and news translation in my previous post.

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