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Monday, February 01, 2010

Charmaine Sheh could not 'electrify' Moses Chan

Clip 1: Charmaine could not electrify Moses?

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Clip 2: Charmaine is beautiful

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[, 01/02/2010]

After [Beyond the Realm of Conscience], Moses Chan and Charmaine Sheh collaborate again in costume series [Can't Buy Me Love]. They have good chemistry and created a relaxed atmosphere. Sometimes, they will speak up for each other.

Moses, Charmaine and eight other TVB artistes arrived in Singapore on Friday to attend 'Starhub TVB Awards'. Compared to his last trip in August, Moses obviously slimmed down a lot. He said that he gained up to 90kg for [BTROC] and then lost 18kg for new series [Heaven & Earth]. Right now he's paying a lot of attention to his diet in order to maintain his weight.

Charmaine could not help but grouse: "When we eat during filming, he won't join us as he feels that the food are too oily. He counts the calorie in everything he eats. Actually I feel that he is too skinny, it would be better if he could gain a bit weight."

[CBML] is a comedy series and the cast often bickers with one another during filming. Charmaine revealed that Moses used a gunny sack on her and Fala, and then farted in front of them.

Charmaine has a nickname of 'electricity generator' and often have rumors with her onscreen partner. However, despite working with Moses numerous times there has been no rumor so far. Could it be that Moses is impervious to Charmaine's 'electricity'? Upon hearing this question, Charmaine immediately turned to Moses and batted her eyes madly, making Moses laugh. Moses said: "I've been electrified for over a year, therefore I'm used to it!"

Moses: Raymond Lam is suave, I am handsome

As Charmaine has collaborated with both Moses and Raymond for a few times, she was asked to compare their difference. She said: "Both are good, they are gentlemen."

When the reporter asked her to elaborate in details, Moses immediately helps his partner: "One is handsome, another is suave. I am the handsome one."

Afterward, the reporter asked Moses to compare Charmaine and Tavia Yeung; his partners in [BTROC]. He revealed an awkward expression: "If the guys are suave and handsome, what about the ladies?" This time it's Charmaine's turn to help her friend: "Beautiful and gentle." Moses quickly follows: "Charmaine is beautiful, Tavia is gentle."

Charmaine Sheh: Tavia Yeung is not a threat

In [BTROC], Charmaine had her limelight stolen by Tavia who is portraying a villain role for the first time. Asked if she felt that Tavia is threatening her position as top ranking actress, Charmaine revealed a confident smile and said: "No, I think I performed well!"

Receiving the company support for the past few years, Charmaine constantly have opportunities to take part in grand productions. Does she feel that she have reached her peak in acting career? She said: "No one knows if this is the peak, I am still climbing."

Now that she has fame and fortune, what is her next goal? "Happiness; filming series happily, audience watching them happily."

For example, Chinese New Year movie [72 Tenants of Prosperity]. Charmaine said she enjoyed the filming. She portrays the landlady. Her look with a large mole on the face is new to audience. She indicate that her character is very mean and speak foul words, which is her first time onscreen.

Do not repost.

Ok, so the 'farting' is part of the storyline in [CBML]. Apart from putting Charmaine and Fala in the gunny sack, Moses and his 'brothers' also threw flour at them and hit the princess in the face (nose bleed). Of course, afterward the princess sent Fala to teach them a lesson.

Added: The New Paper (Feb 2, 2010)

Charmaine, 34, who impressed viewers with her portrayal of a tough cookie cop in 2008's Forensic Heroes II, beat veterans such as Liza Wang and Susanna Kwan to bag My Favourite TVB Female Star.

"When I first started out in this industry, I couldn't really act. Thankfully, TVB didn't give up on me," she said.


"I know I'm hardworking, but diligence alone is often not enough to get you far.

"Luck is important too, and I'm very lucky to have received wonderful scripts over the last few years."

Echoing her sentiments was Raymond, who, in his speech, agreed with Charmaine that "actors are a passive lot".


hyn5 said...

Moses and Charmaine are super funny! :D

Moses' Mandarin just cracks me up! He he.... ;P

sehseh said...

At least he's not too stressed with answering in Mandarin this time around :)

alicechen said...

Thanks so much for the subbed videos SehSeh. It helped a lot. They're hilarious. I love the filming video from the previous post when Charmaine disguises as a male. She and the guys blend so well. =P

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