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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Charmaine Sheh clarifies 3rd party rumor in Moses Chan - Bernice Liu relationship

[Wenweipo, Mingpao 04/02/2010]

Moses Chan and Bernice Liu have long rumored to be going out. Recently there was a rumor of Charmaine Sheh involvement and Bernice's father even lectured Moses. However, yesterday Bernice wished the 'new couple' the best of luck. Charmaine, who attended a racecourse event yesterday denied being the 3rd party and even indicate that she has prepared a wedding gift for Moses.

Charmaine, Mak Ling Ling and Chow Chung attended a racecourse event yesterday. Charmaine was all smiles throughout the even and revealed that she will be singing Chinese New Year song at the racecourse on the 3rd day of CNY. She hope she will have some new year luck by winning HKD50 million in lottery, so that she can retire early after striking rich. Now she is looking forward to 3rd day of CNY. As she won lucky draw in TVB anniversary two years in a row, she hopes her lucky streak will continue.

When the reporter teased that she have plenty of peach blossom luck (romance), Charmaine emphasized that she has more rumors. Is her rumor with Moses true? She laughed and replied: "I've even prepared a wedding gift for Moses! Anyway the rumor is not true." However she played dumb and refused to reveal whom is Moses getting married with. According to the tabloids, Moses pursued her using coffee and Charmaine clarified: Moses didn't just treat her to coffee, he treats the entire cast and crew. In addition, it's just a cup of coffee; it's not as if he bought a house for her. Therefore she didn't understand why it is such a big deal. They have always been colleagues. (If there any chance of development?) Charmaine said: "This question should be answered by the parties involved, and I am not one of them. I'm just a victim of a disaster. I will not be responding anymore, plus I don't think anyone believes the rumors." Charmaine was asked to send wishes to Moses and Bernice and she said: "Wishing everyone improvements in New Year! Earn more money!"

As for Moses, he expressed that the rumors are untrue during an eyewear store opening yesterday. He points out that he is still the same, simple Moses. He expressed that everyone enjoyed drinking coffee during filming. Asked if Bernice's father has lectured him, he said: "Please don't write (involve) about other people's parent. Actually the reporter knew that her father was just saying hi, but they still made up stories. I am on good terms with Bernice's parent. (Are you worried that your image will be affected?) No, because Bernice was there too. Her father was fetching her back from work and I ran into them outside the entrance so I went over and said hi. (Did Uncle ask you about his daughter?) No."

The reporter mentioned that Charmaine said that she has prepared wedding gift for him and Bernice, Moses expressed that he leave it up to fate. Is his relationship with Bernice rock steady? Moses embarrassingly said that he doesn't know what the reporter is talking about and wished to have his own privacy. Is he worried that Charmaine's rumored boyfriend Kevin Cheng will get upset? Moses asked why and the reporter teased that he presented him with a 'green cap' (Cantonese slang for cheating). Moses quickly clarified that it was the tabloids, not him.

Mentioning his rumors with Charmaine, will they be embarrassed seeing each other in the future? Moses laughed and said that they are experienced and will not feel embarrassed at all. During filming in studio, did Kevin come over to monitor them? Moses frankly said that he did came, but not to visit any specific person. He came over to see his colleagues. He added that his relationship with Bernice and Charmaine are like brothers and sisters under God.

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Lol... so mischievous of Charmaine & Moses to tease each other by dropping hints of their 'other half'. Anyway, just some silly rumors to spice up the coverage of [Can't Buy Me Love], I guess.

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