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Monday, February 08, 2010

Charmaine Sheh abruptly ends interview

[Singtao, The Sun 08/02/2010]

Yesterday Wong Hei, Charmaine Sheh, Wayne Lai etc attended the charity auction to raise fund for the 'Suicide Prevention Hotline'. Wong Hei replaced Amigo Chui as the emcee for the event.

During the even, Stephen Chan made fun of Charmaine-Moses-Bernice rumors and asked Charmaine whether she loves Moses. Charmaine answered that she loves his role in the series. Outside filming, she knows how to separate herself from her role. When asked what is her requirement for a boyfriend, Charmaine said that being happy together is most important. Stephen teased that Wong He fits the description, momentarily stunning the latter. Charmaine expressed that her rumors with Moses should end and she will not respond further. When reporters asked if she will reduce contact with Moses, she said 'thanks' and left.

No repost allowed. TV clip @ Charmaine Baidu Forum
Charnaine with fans at carpark @ Charmaine Baidu Forum (hehe, with pics of her new Mercedez Benz E-class Coupe]
Scoop @ Charmaine Baidu Forum

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Charmaine is nominated in the category: (L) Most Popular HK TV Actress.

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