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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Charmaine @ [CBML] filming 12/2/2010

Pic credit to小维妮. More at 小维妮 Baidu Forum here.

Fancam @ here.

Remember 梓洋BB? The little kid who visited the set of [Beyond the Realm of Conscience] when they filmed outdoor at local parks? He also visited [CBML] filming on the same day and posted lots of pics in his yahoo blog here.

Brrr.... it look freezing cold out there. Charmaine look visibly tired, I hope she get enough rest during Lunar New Year break.

Here's some [CBML] filming pictures from local tabloid, the article is trash as usual. Let's just see some pics instead...

Pics from Next Magazine.

p.s. Well, the article did point out Charmaine's new car model - Mercedez Benz E350 Coupe. Lol... she's also using a matching white iPhone!

Added 20/2 - More filming pics from Ent.163

Remember to vote for Charmaine @ Next TV Awards 2010! Instructions below....

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