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Sunday, January 31, 2010

TVBE coverage of [Can't Buy Me Love] 28/01/2010
Credit to Siu Oi from

In the clip, Charmaine (3rd Princess) and bodyguard Fala dressed up as males to tour around the city and got into a fight with Moses and his brothers.

More filming pics from various sources (a.k.a. tabloids, so I won't be posting the contents)


Advo said...

I'm confused. Is this The Princess' Arrival? Is the official title Can't Buy Me Love now or are Charmaine filming HAE, CBML and The Princess' Arrival with Moses?

sehseh said...

Advo, Can't Buy Me Love is TVB official English title for Princess,

Advo said...

Ahh. Yes, I did also hear that Charmaine referred in the interview to the serie she's filming with Moses as the Princess' Chinese name.

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