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Sunday, January 17, 2010

[Mingpao 2149] Charmaine Sheh - A Small Reward

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Charmaine Sheh might have lost Best Actress at TVB anniversary award presentation, but earning power wise she is still the reigning queen. According to the calculations in 2009, she earned approximately HKD15 million from advertisement and filming series. Among TVB artistes, she is ranking at the top. To reward herself, Charmaine plans to buy a new Mercedes Benz worth HKD800, 000. Charmaine smiled and said: "I drive daily; therefore it's not excessive buying a slightly expensive car." This is just a piece of cake, considering that she earned over HKD10 million!

In 2009, Charmaine had two series aired – [You're Hired] and [Beyond the Realm of Conscience]. Her popularity was immense, especially during [Beyond] was airing as Lau Sam Ho healthy image attracts the liking of advertisers. Though she was rushing to filming [Heaven & Earth], she still manages to take part in 7, 8 events and earning millions. Mentioning on how to spend her hard earned money, Charmaine smiled and said: "I am satisfied with my overall accomplishment last year. I am planning to buy a new car as my current one is already 5 years old! I'm considered very devoted. As I need to film everyday, I only flipped through several car catalogs. Initially I had my sight on an Audi. I'm really fond of it but it cost more than HKD2 million! I'm really reluctant. I feel painful using my hard earned money to buy a car worth over a million. Now I had my sight on a new E class Benz around HKD800, 000. Currently I'm busy filming series; I don't even have the time to buy facial cotton! We'll see when I have spare time later."

Apart from being event queen, Charmaine is also smart with her investments. Earlier this year, she has made profit through real estate properties in Hong Kong Island. Discussing about real estate investment, Charmaine has liking for properties in Hong Kong Island because of their convenient location and also potential for increasing value. In order to purchase her favored properties, Charmaine will spend time doing research beforehand. "I will pay attention to newspapers and the analysis from different real estate agents. Of course I must view the properties myself; I can't just listen to the words of other people. In addition I believe that one must earn through effort, therefore I will not invest in stock market. Basically I do not have the time to manage them. Though I constantly hear people saying that it is fast earning money through stock investment, I still feel that property investment is more reliable. However, recently the prices for real estate has increased dramatically therefore I will (wait) observe a little while. My current home is not too bad, I believe in Fengshui. That's why I continue to stay in my current apartment, despite running out of space to put my belongings!"

Boyfriend must share similarities

Charmaine reaped good achievements last year, career wise. However her love life has not come to fruition. Frequently there were rumors of break up and reconciliation with rumored beau Kevin Cheng. "We 'broke up' after the series finished filming! We are people who have independent mindset and similar personalities; it's more suitable and comfortable to remain as friends. (What's the ideal man you are looking for?) It's very simple; feeling happy is utmost important. Wealth and looks is not the most important element. It is important to be able to communicate comfortably. If we can't communicate, we can't spend a lifetime together, it will be torturous facing each other every day. (Does your mother urge you to get married?) She is very open-minded and told me not to worry. Look at Liza Wang, she still manage to earn money, have a successful career and in the end manage to find a life partner. She even told me that if I like children, I can always adopt in the future. This way I can also help others. Mum has always been like this, she allows me to do as I please and never pressured me." In recent years, many actresses are dating Caucasian guys. Charmaine said: "I do not know if I will meet one in the future, but during my studies in Switzerland I met plenty of Caucasian guys but I never dated any of them. I couldn't sense familiarity from them, I prefer guys with similar roots." No wonder in Charmaine's list of rumored boyfriends, most of them are TVB actors. Being in the same company, of course there will be a sense of familiarity.

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I wonder which model could it be - Cabriolet or Coupé?

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