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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Gaining 7-figure sum income, Charmaine Sheh felt painful paying tax

[Singtao 07/01/2010]

Due to the good response from series [Beyond the Realm of Conscience], cast members Charmaine Sheh, Tavia Yeung, Moses Chan and Kevin Cheng gained a favorable income. Charmaine planned to change sport car, Tavia wished expand property, Kevin with money safely in his account – everyone is having a prosperous new year!

Last evening TVB Executive Deputy Chairman Dr Leung Nai Pang treat the [Beyond] cast to a celebratory meal. Charmaine revealed that she has just returned from filming a skincare advertisement in Malaysia. [Beyond] has brought her 7-figure sum income and she felt painful when paying income tax. To avoid being penalized for late payment, she has already paid her tax early. Charmaine indicate that she will be filming new series [Can't Buy Me Love] soon. In order grasp opportunities to earn money she does not mind accepting events during the three days of Chinese New Year holiday. "This year I will be filming 3 series in 10 months. It has been 3, 4 years since I worked so industriously. Filming more series is not for winning award. It's mainly because I can't bear to turn down good scripts." When asked how she would reward herself, Charmaine said that she has always wanted to buy properties but she doesn't have the time to view the apartments. Her 5 year old car is showing signs of breakdown, therefore she want to change a new sport car first.

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Just returned from Malaysia?! Filming skincare ad? I wonder if it's for Terimee or new endorsement of a skincare brand?

3 series in 10 months? Does that include HAE? Charmaine is right, she haven't been filming with such packed schedule since 2006. Hopefully she will reveal what are her upcoming projects in 2010 (I'd really like to see her working with Steven Ma and Sunny Chan this year, keeping my fingers crossed).

p.s. I do not think FH3 will be filmed this year as Mui Siu Ching most probably will be preparing for [Beyond] modern version after [Can't Buy Me Love a.k.a. Princess]. If FH3 does not have Bobby Au Yeung, I do not think Charmaine will take part.


According to Stephen Chan's TVB blog, [Beyond] will be launched in South Korea soon - complete by Korean dubbing. Charmaine will also sing the subtheme in Korean.

Singapore fans, have you voted for Charmaine @ Starhub TVB Award? Hurry!

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