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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Filming updates 21/01/2010

On the 19th, Charmaine filmed outdoor scene for costume series [Can't Buy Me Love] at Kowloon Wall City Park. Pictures credit to Maggie (mag_mag). Plenty more pictures here.

According to Charismatic Charmaine, Charmaine also filmed outdoor scenes for [CBML] yesterday, therefore keep your fingers crossed for more pictures from fans!

Added: 小维妮 visited Charmaine on set yesterday and took some pictures. Oh, another hairstyle for Charmaine in [CBML]! Wonder what's Charmaine doing... her posture so 'thespian'. Hehehe...

p.s. Charmaine indicate that HAE filming is wrapping up soon. I think in one article, producer Chik Kei Yi mentioned that they will be filming Moses-Maggie wedding scene end of this month.

Mentioning HAE, newbie cast Angel Chiang and Yeung Chiu Hoi updated their TVB blog with filming pictures. There are some Charmaine pics, so don't forget to check it out!

Angel Chiang TVB Blog -

She portrays the teenage version of Charmaine in HAE.

Yeung Chiu Hoi TVB Blog -

He portrays the teenage version of Moses in HAE.

Note: Though Charmaine's TVB blog has not updated, please do visit her blog to increase her ranking! Gambate!

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