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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Charmaine Sheh stubbornly (stiff neck) supports TVB

[Oriental Daily 27/01/2010]

Charmaine Sheh, Moses Chan, Maggie Shiu worked on new TVB series [Heaven & Earth] last evening. They filmed the wedding banquet scene of Moses and Maggie and the arriving guests. Charmaine wore a low cut tube dress and she revealed that she is suffering from stiff neck, therefore she can't turn her head too much. "I'm currently filming two series. Maybe because I fell in deep sleep and didn't move my head for 3-4 hours, my neck feel stiff after waking up. (Did you see a Chinese orthopedist?) No. I used up my lipstick and didn't even have time to buy one. Taking time off to see orthopedist is considered a luxury."

In addition, regarding ATV accusation of TVB monopolizing the artistes, Charmaine indicate that she still has time on her contract with TVB. "My manager deals with the terms and conditions, but I signed the contract under my own will. The terms and conditions of my contract are reasonable. (Do you feel that TVB is facing increasing problems?) "Tall trees attract the wind, though I am unsure how long the wind will blow, but I hope the tree grows bigger." She is clearly supporting her company.

Additional translation of Takungpao:

TVB series [HAE] filmed a wedding banquet scene of Moses Chan and Maggie Shiu last evening. Apart from the bride (Maggie), guests Elaine Jin and Charmaine Sheh wore sponsored jewelery worth over HKD10 million.

Charmaine, who suffered from stiff neck said: "It's already two days but I haven't see the orthopedist." When asked if she asked people to massage for her, she did not respond but indicate that after work, she only have time for shower and reading scripts. She wondered when she can get some real sleep. [HAE] still have another 2 days before completing filming. However, Charmaine cannot relax as she has many dialogs for the remaining two days. Instead her scene last evening is considered comfortable as she only appeared as a guest.

As Charmaine signed TVB management contract, it's expected that the terms and conditions will be much stricter. However, she is clear of this when she signed the contract under her own free will. "I feel that my contract is reasonable. In addition, I can appear on Mainland China TV stations. Regarding the issue of using Cantonese or Mandarin during interviews, it should be decided by the local language used in the region. However, everyone's contract may be different."

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