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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Charmaine Sheh planning to buy jade ring to please her mother

[Takungpao, Sina 28/01/2010]

[Jade Destiny Catwalk Show] was held at Landmark North yesterday. Charmaine Sheh, Tiffany Xu, Carrie Lam, Mandy Lieu and Zhang Jing Qi wore specially designed qipao and modeled the jade jewelery. The organizer arranged for the beauties to have their fortune told using sparrows. Charmaine was predicted to have a good fortune with plenty of earning opportunities this year. Charmaine expressed that she is considering buying the jade ring worth HKD160, 000 she modeled as a present for her mother.

Charmaine indicate that her jobs have already been arranged up to September, making her extremely busy. However, she is satisfied with her job load. Asked if she will buy the ring, Charmaine smiled and said she is unsure if her mother likes it, but she likes it a lot. Onstage, Charmaine revealed that she plans to purchase properties as investment. Will she purchase one at Sha Wan and become Kate Tsui's neighbor? Charmaine said that she is currently too busy to find time to view properties.

Recently there was a report indicating that she is liaising with Niki Chow. Charmaine frankly said that they have never collaborated therefore they don't know each other personally. They did run into and greet each other in the company before. Charmaine expressed that she will greet all colleagues the same. There's another allegation that TVB intended to promote [72 Tenants of Prosperity] and blocked the activities of similar Chinese New Year movie [All's Well End's Well Too 2010]. Charmaine doesn't believe it is true. She is busy filming series but will try her best to promote the movie.

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Urgh... can't they leave out irrelevant people in Charmaine's interview?

Anyway, Charmaine look great in that white qipao! She lost some weight and I hope she will take care of her health. Singapore fans should totally get her tidbits - chocolates and pandan cakes! Hehe... released more stills of Charmaine in [72 Tenants]:

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Funn Lim said...

I was reading and wondering why suddenly bring up Niki Chow and then suddenly I remember. I wonder what the press expects? All claws out like Wolverine? If yes then the one who should be shredded is the man in middle. And please do to save us from boredom. Maybe he will gain a bit of charisma in the process.

Funn Lim said...

By the way Wah Lai Toi via Scoop is promoting this series every single day. I thought it was funny though to see Kate Tsui with huge cleavage, never thought she had any and even then I still feel something is off with her! Wong Cho Lam and Bosco both looked like they were having serious fun with their twin character. Everybody in TVB is in this I think. I suppose worth a look.

sehseh said...

Frankly I was half expecting the movie to be a cheesy slapstick fanfare. But I am willing to pay 11 bucks to watch 5 minutes of Charmaine onscreen.

Advo said...

Aww, a picture of Sunny and Charmaine together! The memories! (God, I hated Lee San San's character!) They were the first Charmaine couple I shipped and I used to ship them so much in DIFIV. It's a shame that Sunny's star isn't shinning as much anymore, I would love to see them pair up again for a new serie.

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