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Monday, January 18, 2010

Charmaine Sheh packed schedule, hoping for a holiday break

[Oriental Daily 18/01/2010]

Charmaine Sheh revealed that her schedule for this year has already packed tight until September. However, she expressed that she would like to take more breaks!

Last evening Charmaine Sheh, Moses Chan, Bowie Lam, Kenny Wong and Maggie Shiu filmed an outdoor scene for new series [Heaven & Earth]. The scene is about Moses, Bowie and Kenny holding an open air live performance and attracted a huge crowd of audiences. The production crew built an outdoor stage and used over 500 extras in the scene. It was said that the scene cost 7 figure-sum.

Charmaine revealed that [HAE] will be wrapping up filming soon and expressed that she felt a little reluctant: "We (cast & crew) got along very well. My schedule continue to be packed tight after ending this series, I will be filming [Can't Buy Me Love]. Now I am trying to take opportunity to rest during first two days of Lunar New Year break. I will attend event on 3rd day and start a new series in April. In June, I will be filming in Hengdian China and will be busy until September. (You will continue to be TVB highest earning actress in 2010?) I don't know. The company have other arrangements, but I hope to get more holiday break."

Meanwhile, Moses, Bowie and Kenny performance as a music band looks like a real one. Moses said: "I know we have to perform as a band, therefore I practice beforehand. I am interested in singing but I do not want to be a singer, singing themesong is enough for me."

Extra information:

  • Paul Wong (from rock band Beyond) wrote the subtheme for this series '年少无知' (Intemperate Youth). You can listen to the demo in Bowie's TVB Blog.
  • Bowie jokingly suggest that they can start a music band called 'Old Boyz'.
  • Charmaine is concerned about Lee Heung Kam after the latter fainted during filming [Can't Buy Me Love]. She wishes Kam Jie a speedy recovery.

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News clip
TVBE @ Charmaine Baidu Forum

More pics in previous post below.

Wow, a packed 2010 for Charmaine!

Jan - April: Costume series [Can't Buy Me Love] previously known as Princess

April - June: New TVB series (I predict it will be a 20 episode modern series)

June - September: New series in Hengdian, Mainland China. Since it's filming at Hengdian, we can safely assume it will either be a costume or period (man kwok) series. I'm really excited about this series and I really x100 hope it won't be a Yu Zheng produced series. Urgh...

So, who do you think will be Charmaine's onscreen partner in the upcoming Mainland series? A HK actor or Mainland actor? I wish she will work with Mainland cast to get more exposure and connection with the market there. There's one particular actor I hope she will work with, but he's currently concentrating in his movie and singing career, I doubt the chances. So, who do you think/prefer the cast to be?

p.s. Charmaine recently became spokesperson for skincare Skinz, therefore Malaysian fans can anticipate her to come to Malaysia for some promotional activities!


alicechen said...

Finally, a mainland series! oooo I hope the actor can be Chen Kun!! Since they've missed one opportunity to work together in "Drive". =P

I don't know much about Main actors so....who are you wishing for SehSeh?

sehseh said...

I wished it will be Chen Kun, but he's now concentrating in his movie and singing career, I doubt he'll be filming series anytime soon. :(

alicechen said...

Then I hope for someone refreshing and charming. =P

Maybe Chilam!! I miss seeing Charlian's collaboration.

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