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Friday, January 29, 2010

Charmaine Sheh enjoy spending Valentines with family

[, Mingpao, Wenweipo 29/01/2010]

Charmaine Sheh attended 《CHANEL White Essential Product Launch》and shared skin whitening tips. She explained that she gives a lot effort in maintaining fair skin as she was always exposed to sun and artificial lighting in prolonged hours during working. "When I was studying, I don't know much about skincare. I often get tanned from swimming. As I grow older I pay more attention to skincare, as you can't turn back time."

Charmaine revealed that her mother would be returning from Hawaii for Chinese New Year. "It's been a long time since we went visiting relatives and friends together. The 1st day of Chinese New Year is more important to me than Valentines. (Are you avoiding Valentines?) I'm not avoiding, I'm still enjoying it. My mother and grandmother are my lovers! (It is pitiful not having a date on Valentines?) It's another kind of pleasure, it's not bad thing spending time with family."

When discussing about her unforgettable memories related to white color, Charmaine thought of white ballet shoes. She expressed that the ballet shoes remind her of her childhood dream.

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alicechen said...

Charm is exposively gorgeous lately Sehseh. I need to stalk her fashion tips now... =P

and skin management tips too!

Advo said...

She looks amazing in the white dress! Is it Chanel? It looks Chanel-esque.

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