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Thursday, January 21, 2010

[72 Tenants] stillls revealed: Charmaine Sheh as Landlady

[HunanTV, Ent QQ, 21/01/2010]

Upcoming Chinese New Year movie [72 Tenants of Prosperity] released some stills for the movie today. Charmaine is portraying the loud and mean landlady - look out for her comedic chops at cinemas on February 11!

p.s. Scroll down for the movie themesong!

Added: Themesong 歡樂年年

Credit to luv288myolie from youtube


alicechen said...

haha Charmaine stills are hilarious. Nice to see her with Gordon Lam, it has been a long time.

Can't wait to see it!! ^_^

hyn5 said...

Thanks for posting, sehseh!But, the theme is very annoying! Why can't they just sing a serious CNY song instead?

sehseh said...

Yes alicechen, missed Gordon Lam. Too bad he's not coming back to film series anymore.

hyn5 I personally think the opening by FAMA is annoying. But then again, this song is definitely not winning any awards :P

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