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Friday, December 18, 2009

Sassy princess Charmaine Sheh pairs up with Moses Chan

[Takungpao 18/12/2009]

Yesterday TVB held a costume tryout ceremony for its new series [The Princess Marriage / Here Comes the Princess] at TVB city. The cast include Charmaine Sheh, Moses Chan, Susan Tse, Sharon Chan, Lee Heung Kam, Fala Chen, Kenneth Ma etc. Their costumes are quite similar with [Beyond the Realm of Conscience].

Charmaine wore a red wedding dress and indicate that she will be portraying a troublesome princess, with Moses as her prince consort. In the series, her character is extremely spoilt but has a sense of righteousness; eager to fight for justice. She thinks that money can buy everything. Does she feel lacking since Kevin Cheng did not take part in this series? Charmaine smiled and said that Kevin has another series; they can't always use the same group of cast. She hope that this series will be able to achieve ratings as high as [Beyond]. Reporters mentioned the possibility of [Rosy Business 2] versus [Princess] at TVB anniversary next year. Charmaine indicate that she does not know if [Princess] will be aired next year. She will concentrate on filming series and not think too much about anniversary award.

Recently there were rumors about her break up with wealthy Mr C, hence she is constantly showing unhappy expression at work. Charmaine said that Mr C does not exist and the tabloids can write whatever they want. She did not read the news and won't feel upset because of them.

Susan Tse look is very similar to Grand Empress Dowager (in Beyond). She indicates that the series is also in Tang dynasty period; therefore wearing similar costumes design is quite normal. This time, she will not be portraying a villain, but a benevolent Consort Dowager Chui. As for Fala Chen, she is portraying a Charmaine's servant girl and bodyguard because she knows martial arts. She feels that the role is challenging and jested that she will be an action heroine this time. Finally getting rid of her sexy image route? She replied that it is a good change as she is a tomboy and action character is more suitable for her.

Meanwhile, Lee Heung Kam also participates in this series. Producer Mui Siu Ching asked everyone to look after her and specially arranged her filming schedule. Kam Jie indicate that even if she has 8 hours of rest, she still need to take 3 hours to read the script as her memory has weakened due to age.

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More information:

  • This series will have 30 episodes in total.
  • The 5 Princesses are: Sharon Chan, Tracy Ip, Charmaine Sheh, Yoyo Chen & Charmaine Li. Susan Tse will guest star as their mother. The other 4 princesses bullies Charmaine and tries to sabotage her marriage with Moses.
  • The Princes Consort (Fu Ma) are: Eric Li, Matthew Ko, Cheung Wing Hong, Moses Chan & Edwin Siu.
  • The 3 Gum brothers are: Gum Do Fook (Louis Yuen), Gum Do Luk (Moses Chan), Gum Do Sau (Raymond Wong). Fook is lazy and useless, Luk is 'dumb' while Sau is a bit coward. 'Fook Luk Sau' also represents Gods of Luck, Prosperity & Longevity. Lol...
  • Gum family: Lee Heung Kam and Susanna Kwan are feuding mother-daughter-in-law. Selena Li is Louis Yuen's wife. Kenneth is a government matchmaker and best friend of Moses. Linda Chung is originally a village girl, but she later become Gum family servant and finally, a princess.
  • Szeto Yan Ping (Fala) is Charmaine's bodyguard and is responsible to beat Moses on behalf of Charmaine. Elaine Yiu plays a courtesan whom Moses has a crush on.
  • Mary Hon and Lee Kwok Lun will be playing a pair of shrewd and mean husband and wife.


Lol... Princess with black nail polish? Hehehe... Charmaine will be filming [HAE] until late January, therefore she doesn't have time to remove the nail polish. [Princess] & [HAE] filming will overlap for a month.

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mare said...

i love how louis, mo, and raymond are already in character for their role... ^_^
it's nice to see that mo & raymond have such chemistry being this is the first time they're working together...

did the enews coverage say this is the first time mo & charmaine are paired up on the caption..? hahaha... so incorrect...

mare said...

nvm it just says new onscreen pairing... partially correct... XD

sehseh said...

Maybe because Mo & Raymond are generally fuss free person, so it is easy to get along.

Some actor can be drama king :P But not dropping names here.

mare said...

i dont know raymond that well, but ive heard he's a good man... a loving husband... :)

Advo said...

Sounds like you know some gossip Sehseh? :D

I just wanted to say that I'm really looking forward to this serie - the plot sounds very cute, fun and refreshing, I'm loving that it's a comedy.

sehseh said...

Advo, depend on what kind of gossips ;)

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