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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Charmaine Sheh to earn more through property investment next year

[Oriental Daily 26/12/2009]

Thanks to [Beyond the Realm of Conscience], Charmaine Sheh and Moses Chan received extra income from job events this Christmas season. Charmaine even indicate that she plan to invest in properties next year.

On Christmas Eve, Charmaine, Moses, EO2 and Shek Sau attended public effort and put in effort to play games with fans, bringing them a lively atmosphere. Charmaine received flowers from fans while Moses walked into the crowd to shake hand. Both of them are really popular and they even demonstrated how to intimately feed (Moses) with candied lotus.

Charmaine admitted that she enjoyed working holiday season. Besides earning more money, holiday season is very lively. Mentioning her New Year wish, she hopes to purchase property as investment. "Actually, I've considered buying a house in Hong Kong area this year but the prices are too high. I'm not in a hurry; therefore I will observe if the prices decrease next year, to earn a little more." Asked if she has received Christmas gift from rumored boyfriend Kevin Cheng, she said: "No. He didn't give me last year as well. I myself don't have the time to buy gifts as I was busy filming everyday."

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