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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Charmaine Sheh sleepless for 100 hours due to filming

[The Sun 17/12/2009]

Charmaine Sheh is known for her endurance. However, we could not imagine that she once have not slept for 100 hours due to filming. This endurance record is indeed shocking! She also revealed that she loves eating durian and Chinese mitten crab. She always carries candies in her purse to cheer herself up.

Q: What is your 'must have' when you go out?

Charmaine: It must be handphone, candies and lip balm. Though I don't like sweet stuff, but I will have a candy every now and then because they can make people feel happy.

Q: Which part of your body do you pay most attention to?

Charmaine: Definitely my hands. A pair of hands can reveal one's age, therefore I do not wash dishes since childhood. In the past, mum offered me HKD200 to wash the dishes, but I still refused her.

Q: What language would you like to learn?

Charmaine: Japanese. Because I really like to shop in Japan. If I know Japanese language, I can bargain the price. It's easier when asking for direction.

Q: Which part do you notice other people at first glance?

Charmaine: The eyes. You will know whether they are saying the truth or lying by just looking into their eyes.

Q: What kind of person you dislike most?

Charmaine: I hate irresponsible people. People who slack off and affect the working progress. Worst if other people have to handle the aftermath for them.

Q: What is your favorite drink?

Charmaine: Pearl milk tea. Best with sprout added.

Q: What is your favorite food?

Charmaine: Durian and Chinese mitten crab. Though I'll get skin allergy, but I like to eat it.

Q: Most disliked food?

Charmaine: Enoki mushroom beef rolls. When I was young, I accompanied my mum to Japanese restaurant. I was already full but there was still eight pieces of enoki mushroom beef rolls left. Mum had me help her finish them and in the end I threw up. I never ate another piece ever since!

Q: Longest record of non-sleeping?

Charmaine: Four years ago when I was filming [The Adventures Of Emperor Qian Long] in Mainland China. I did not slept for 5 days and 4 nights. It's like an out of body experience, I can even sleep while standing. After the third day, I am already numbed and did not know what I am doing.

Q: Whom do you respect most?

Charmaine: The person I respect most is my class teacher in Standard Six. I have always been weak in Maths subject, but she doesn’t mind giving me tuition after school. Earlier this year, we went out for a meal together. Even though she is already 80 years old, she is still energetic.

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