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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Charmaine Sheh feels excited on red carpet

[, The Sun, Oriental Daily 04/12/2009]

TV Queen popular candidate Charmaine Sheh arrived at the event wearing a black Valentino tube dress. Matched with jewelry worth over HKD24 million and 4 inch high heels, she look ultra beautiful. When she sees reporter, Charmaine exclaimed that she is very excited because all the artistes on red carpet are beautifully dressed. Reporter point out that Charmaine dressing is not revealing, she smiled and said that she never belonged to the sexy route. She shares the same sentiment with Sheren, which is hoping that her own series [Beyond the Realm of Conscience] winning Best Series Award.

At the red carpet venue, there were about 400 fans. Tavia Yeung and Charmaine Sheh have the most fans. When they appeared on the red carpet, their fans keep shouting in excitement.

When Tavia won 'Favorite Female TV Character Award', she said onstage that Charmaine owes her a kiss: "Charmaine said if I win, she will come out and give me a kiss." Upon hearing this Charmaine immediately walked out and gave Tavia a congratulatory kiss on the cheek.

Though Charmaine went home empty handed, she is still happy throughout the ceremony. She frankly said that she is not disappointed: "Everyone is a worthy winner, I feel happy too. (Bad results for [Beyond]?) Tavia represent us. I am satisfied with the award results; will try again next year. (Will there be celebration party?) I already kissed Tavia, it's up to her to treat me to a dinner. Instead I was rather disappointed that [Beyond] did not win the Best Series Award."

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Scoop - Make up @ Charvin Baidu Forum
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TVB Anniversary Award 2009 results

Best Series: Rosy Business
Best Actor: Wayne Lai (Rosy Business)
Best Actress: Sheren Tang (Rosy Business)
Best Supporting Actor: Michael Tse (E.U.)
Best Supporting Actress: Susan Tse (Rosy Business)
Favorite Male TV Character Award: Wayne Lai (Chai Gau – Rosy Business)
Favorite Female TV Character Award: Tavia Yeung (Yiu Kam Ling – BTROC)
Most Improved Male Artiste: Ngo Ka Nin
Most Improved Female Artiste: Aimee Chan
Best Performance Award: Tavia Yeung
Best Host: Eric Tsang, Chin Kar Lok, Louis Yuen, Cholam Wong (Super Trio Supreme)
Best Variety Show: Club Sparkle
Best Appreciation Award: One from the Heart
Lifetime Achievement Award: Lee Tim Seng Popularity Award: Wayne Lai

Exclusive Pre-Anniversary Award Interview with

Congratulations to the winners! Though I'm sure fans are rather disappointed that Charmaine went home empty handed, please do not be too upset. Like Charmaine, we should be a good sport! I'm sure with our support and Charmaine continued hard work, she will definitely make a comeback next year. Gambate everyone!

Please drop by Charmaine's TVB Blog and leave her some supportive message!

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