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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Charmaine Sheh and Tavia Yeung earning money together

[Takungpao 22/12/2009]

[American Cirque du Soleil] held acrobatics demonstration yesterday and invited Charmaine Sheh and Tavia Yeung as guests. The two of them played the gyroscope wheel and Charmaine even tried the air acrobatics by holding onto the acrobat and spinning in mid air. Charmaine who is used to huge event appeared to be very calm. As Tavia wore a dress, she did not take part in the acrobats. However, she teased that Charmaine was actually trembling up there.

Afterward, Charmaine admitted that she was quite nervous, as she has to hold on tight to the acrobat performer. It began to get shaky after a few turns, therefore she asked him to let her down. Asked if she will feel romantic turning in the air with boyfriend, she laughed that she never imagined it. Tavia indicate that she has Ménière's syndrome and she will vomit after a few turns. If her boyfriend doesn't realize this, then he is not qualified to be her boyfriend.

Earlier there were rumors of discord between Charmaine and Tavia due to fighting for the TV Queen award. However, the duo is quite chummy yesterday and even labeled themselves as 'Sister Act' to earn money together. They welcome any opportunities to earn money, joking that they should film commercial for 'Two Girls' (双妹唛 – a domestic cosmetic brand). Charmaine was asked if she prefers Tavia or rumored boyfriend Kevin Cheng as partner. She smiled and said that everyone is good, including Moses Chan. The four of them can team up and earn money together as acrobat team.

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