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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Charmaine & Kenny @ HAE filming

[Pics source: The Sun, Oriental Daily 10/12/2009] TV clip

Prior evening Charmaine, Kenny, Catherine filmed outdoor scene for [Heaven & Earth] and had supper at a dessert café (Sweet Aunt). Hehe, Chik Kei Yi and Moses are one of the investors, you will be seeing this café regularly in Ada's [Fly With Me] and [HAE].

Last night, Charmaine filmed an outdoor scene with Joe Junior at Wanchai:

Pics from Tungstar, credit to Charmaine Baidu Forum.

Hmm... hectic filming for the cast. I think the cast are rushing to film indoor during morning, and outdoor for night scene.

Other cool pics of HAE filming:

The scene above is the flashback of Moses's character, when he saw his girlfriend (teenage version of Charmaine is portrayed by Angel Chiang) kissing his bandmate. 'Appetite' for rage, anyone?

Added 11 Dec 2009: Last night, Charmaine visited Moses, Queenie, Maggie on the set. Charmaine is so nice, though I think she should get some sleep! Or maybe she's curious of Moses kissing scene with Queenie, being there to tease them? Hehehe...

Tungstar pics credit to Charvin Baidu Forum.

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mare said...

oh man, i love that look on her face when she's looking... haha... :D

have fun at the wedding..!

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