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Friday, December 04, 2009

'72 Tenants of Prosperity' Filming Wrap-up Press Conference

[Source: Sohu 04/12/2009]

Note: I only translate parts related to Charmaine.

Yesterday noon, '72 Tenants of Prosperity' held a filming wrap-up ceremony at Shaw Brothers Studio. Director Eric Tsang along with main cast Jacky Cheung, Anita Yuen, Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong, Cholam Wong, Stephy Tang, Charmaine Sheh, Linda Chung etc attended the event. Mainland China comedian Liang Tian was also invited by Eric to guest star in the movie.

As Shaw Brothers invest this movie, it is considered as TVB version of 'The Founding of A Republic'. Apart from Jacky, Stephy and Liang Tian, the cast of this movie consist mainly of TVB managed artistes.

Though Charmaine dressed conservatively yesterday, she still got the care and attention of people around her. A piece of confetti landed on Charmaine's lips and Raymond gently helps her to remove it without the fear of rumors. Later during the press conference, Kevin Cheng unexpectedly arrived late in black clothes. He exchanged a brief glance with Charmaine as gesture of hello.

Additional translation from 武汉晨报

Charmaine Sheh challenging the role of landlady

Charmaine guest starred in ’72 Tenants’ as the role of 'Landlady'; similar to Yuen Chau in 'Kungfu Hustle'. "She is a fierce woman and speak foul words." In order to portray her role well, Charmaine did some research about landlady.

Additional translation from 浙江在线新闻

Charmaine Sheh does not chat about Kevin Cheng.

Charmaine sat in the first row of actresses during the press conference alongside Anita Yuen and Bernice Liu. Charmaine portrayed a fierce landlady in the movie and shared scenes with plenty of cast member; reflecting her '1st Sister' status.

Charmaine did not put guard against reporters. During tea break, you can chat with her about work and beauty care and her assistant will not stop you. However, as soon as you mention a certain name, Charmaine will naturally start 'playing taichi' (evading the question).

Kevin Cheng is also at the studio today, do you have any scenes together?

"No, there is too many people in this movie. I only found out today that he also has a role." Considering their previous rumor, this is obviously an awkward denial. But of course, it's too early to clarify everything since it still have publicity value.

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