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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sneak Peek... 《公主嫁到》 The Princess Marriage

Tungstar pics credit to wargods @ KuangaiTVB BBS.

Title: 《公主嫁到》 The Princess Marriage

The word '嫁' (Ga) means marriage, but also a play on the sound of '駕' (Ga) which means the arrival of a royalty.


Cast: Moses Chan, Charmaine Sheh, Linda Chung, Fala Chan, Kenneth Ma, Raymond Wong, Susanna Kwan, Lee Heung Kam, Louis Yuen.

Series highlight:

Marrying a princess, everyone think that the husband will benefit from the wife. But marrying a shrewd princess is definitely not a pleasant experience. To divorce her is virtually impossible. Using gold as theme for this comedy costume series, the audience will see how it is like to marry a princess.


Tang Dynasty Emperor dotes on the 3rd Princess, but because the 3rd Princess is shrewd and spoiled, no one wants to marry her. The Gum Manor is the capital's largest goldsmith. Master Gum was cheated by others due to his kindness and in order to save the family business, his 4th son Cheung Zhi agrees to marry the 3rd Princess in exchange of the goldsmith license in the royal palace.

The shrewd princess brought along her palace servants when she marries into Gum family and caused a lot of conflict with Gum household. The 3rd Princess found it difficult to get along with Cheung Zhi as days passed. Originally she thought of leaving, but she misunderstood that Cheung Zhi was spreading rumors about her therefore she stayed back to spite him. Both of them continue to fight and love sprouted between the bickering couple. Later, Gum Manor was confiscated due to committing offense. In order to save them, the 3rd Princess pretend to abandon Cheung Zhi and secretly find ways to overcome the dangerous situation.

No repost allowed.

Shrewd princess and henpecked royal son-in-law, kind of remind me of [Taming of the Princess] by Bobby Au Yeung & Esther Kwan. After [You're Hired], I'd like to see Charmaine in another comedy series so I'll be looking forward to this series!

Filming tentatively scheduled to start in late December 2009.

TVB Sales Presentation Ceremony 2010 Sneak Preview

Credit to 八卦鱼儿 from and KuangaiTVB BBS.

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alicechen said...

I'm definitely looking forward to this series as Sam Ho and Li Yi can't live happily together in BRTC then they will here! :D

mare said...

thank you sehseh for the translation & clip preview... bickering couple!!! as much as that is overused i love it... tricky princess trying test him first... that's awesome... fingers crossed that they film this... first mo & charmaine comedy!!!

sehseh said...

Hahaha... that's what I'm thinking when I saw the pics... Li Yi finally got Sam Ho! Hehehe...

p.s. Moses and Charmaine's chemistry have grown since DOP, looking forward to HAE and Princess.

mare said...

actually after rewatching "Perish" i think it was already pretty good back then... lol they probably wont be able to pull off that father-daughter thing anymore... XD

alicechen said...

I have a feeling that CharMo's chemistry in HAE will blast off the roof. haha XD

They were cute in "DOP" but I don't know why, their chemistry in BRTC is just too cute to ignore. :) I'm a helpless shipper here!

SehSeh, a closer look and I see Raymond Wond in "Princess" too? Really?

Mare, yes! Please no more father-daughter roles. haha ^_^

sehseh said...

Alicechen, yes Raymond Wong is in the sales presentation clip. But he is also confirmed to be in Rosy Business 2 which is set to film in Feb 2010.

I think he will get a major supporting role in RB2, therefore even if he does take part in Princess, his screentime might be limited as the two series filming schedule will clash.

Mare, you like the father-daughter thingy? I was thinking, poor Maggie and Mo, they are very young! Hahaha

sehseh said...

The scoop clip in the previous post also have an extra cute scene of Mo & Charmaine in Princess... lol

mare said...

alice: but i liked it... :'( lol :P

sehseh: i totally loved it!!! they made such a nice family... hehe...
loved the scene in scoop... it made me laugh so hard...

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