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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Thanks to notification by fellow TVB blogger, it has been brought to my attention that someone has been copying the content from my site and passing off as his/her own (hereby we will just address as 'lowlife').

Not only this lowlife has been impersonating as Charmaine in facebook and blogger, this lowlife copied everything from my site and even have the audacity to state no repost without permission.

I hope fans will be wary of this lowlife and will not be easily mislead. I have lodged an official complaint to Blogger and gave this lowlife a piece of my mind. I welcome fellow fans to share my sentiment at that lowlife's blog.

I understand that some fans, especially younger ones are easily duped because they want to 'befriend' their idol Charmaine so much, they are willing to believe any impersonator who reply to them. These impersonator are no different than sexual predators because they prey on the vulnerability of these young fans for their personal fantasy. This is certainly unacceptable and revolting!

Charmaine does not have Facebook account, nor does she run blog. She have stated repeatedly that she barely have time to sleep! She only have two official site, which is TVB Blog and

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