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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Manager refutes rumors of Charmaine Sheh getting hitched

[Ent 19/11/2009]

Recently HK tabloid exposed that Charmaine Sheh and Kevin Cheng pretended to break up in order to protect their career. They also alleged that she has successfully pressured him to tie the knot early next year, becoming Mrs Cheng. Charmaine Sheh's manager Tina accepted Ent 163 interview and refuted the rumors: "Artistes are too busy to get married."

Regarding the allegation of Charmaine planning to tie the knot with rumored boyfriend Kevin Cheng in US early next year, Tina refutes: "It's the media who informed us that she is getting married. I myself doesn't know about it!" Tina expressed that Charmaine's schedule will be heavily packed for the next 6 months. After wrapping up for series [Heaven & Earth] early next year, she will be concentrating in filming new series [The Princess Marriage]. Filming for this 30 episode series will only end in April therefore it's impossible to get married in US. "With two filming shifts per day, she hardly have time for overseas event. In addition, the artistes have not applied any leave from company yet."

Last September, Charmaine went to Hawaii to visit her mother and the tabloid alleged that she was preparing for her wedding and visiting Kevin's family. Tina expressed that Charmaine will visit her mother in US in September annually, therefore it's nothing special. However, when asked whether both of them have broken up, Tina declined to comment: "The artistes' love life is their personal matter, I cannot represent them to reply."

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It's quite funny because the tabloid claimed that Charmaine's mother have booked church for their wedding, when both Charmaine and Kevin are Buddhist! Lol... anyway it's just rumors so let's just take it with a pinch of salt.

Extra, extra! Have you seen this clip yet? Dayo Wong said in interview that he supports Miu Miu! Thanks Mak Tai Song!

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