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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Kevin Cheng says that Charmaine Sheh is not the hot candidate for TV Queen

[Takungpao 22/11/2009]

Yesterday the cast of [Beyond the Realm of Conscience] wore costumes and attended the promotional event of the series. The event was held at a Buddhist hall and the cast prayed for blessings. Apart from offering incense, they also read the Buddhist scriptures. Initially Charmaine Sheh and rumored boyfriend Kevin Cheng evaded each other, but they start chatting during the mantra chant. On the other hand, producer Mui Siu Ching and Susan Tse were touched by the scriptures and started shedding tears. After the mantra ended, the cast participated in games with Buddhist followers. Right after the event some fans noticed that there was police issuing parking tickets and informed Kevin. It was an amusing sight with Kevin dashing downstairs to drive his car away in costume.

Though Sheren Tang is this year's hot candidate for TV Queen, there are reports indicating that Charmaine has been fixed as the award winner. At this, Charmaine expressed gratitude to the fierce competition among the media and increasing the hype of the award ceremony. Charmaine expressed that she have not felt any pressure. However, she indicates that while she has confidence, winning the award or not is another matter. Regarding her whispering to Kevin during the mantra, Charmaine said that she was lost at which part they were chanting and hence she asked him. She said that it is important to be solemn and respectful at Buddhist hall.

Kevin also expressed that he was lost at the mantra part therefore he studied it with Charmaine a little. Mentioning the news that Charmaine was fixed as TV Queen, does he feel confident toward his rumored girlfriend? Kevin frankly stated that Charmaine is not considered a hot candidate and his choice is 4th Mistress Sheren Tang as the latter has more character development while the character Lau Sam Ho is pretty much limited to being a good person only. However Kevin expressed that Charmaine's acting has always been good and competent. Does he wish for Charmaine to win TV Queen? Kevin indicates that it's not whether you wish or not, if something is not yours, getting it might not be a good thing after all.

As for Tavia Yeung, she graciously indicates that if Charmaine won TV Queen Award, she will give a congratulatory kiss to her. Tavia expressed that she won't feel disappointed because her good sister won. However, she didn't vote for Charmaine but Sheren instead.

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Such a huge wig... must be very heavy. That was her dancer hairstyle and it will appear in next week's episode where Sam Ho performed dance for Jason Chan's character. Looking forward to it!

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