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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Competing for award – Charmaine Sheh secret countermeasure

[The Sun 08/11/2009]

TVB blood is fated to run in Charmaine Sheh and Wayne Lai. Charmaine who does not believe in fate was forced into the TV Queen battleground by TVB, while Wayne who believes in destiny has to rely on himself to fight for TV King Award. Charmaine is preparing to slow down, while Wayne is set to climb to the top. But you can't control fate, no matter how hard you tried. And those who control fate are none other that TVB itself. If you understand this principle, Charmaine and Wayne are just TVB chess pawns.

'Sam Ho' Charmaine Sheh does not believe in fate; be it her career, love or outlook in life. She does whatever she wants to, very hardcore (tough). After struggling for 10 years in the path of stardom, Charmaine wished to take a break. Unfortunately TVB secretly appoints 'Lau Sam Ho' to ambush '4th Mistress' Sheren Tang. As she is from TVB 'flesh and blood' clan, she had to put on her battle armor and fight for TVB's honor.

As TVB chooses its army, Charmaine said she does not mind receiving more awards: "Everyone is competing; of course I have to take part as well. If I don't, I'm not giving face to TVB! The atmosphere at anniversary award will be lackluster with just one sure win." Mentioning about her advantages, Charmaine said: "Everyone worked hard, therefore everyone have advantages. There is not a single artiste who is not unique. Sheren's '4th Mistress' left a deep impression in audience, but 'Lau Sam Ho' does not lose out as well, she is also acknowledged by audiences! In reality I do not want to scheme for awards, because I will not harm other people."

Though Charmaine was forced to enter the battleground, she no longer willing to sacrifice everything for stardom; especially her beloved mother. She decided not to let fate lead her by the nose: "I have to change my mindset in work. In the past, I've indeed overworked myself. Now, I must revert myself back to student mindset – I must have at least 1-2 months of holiday every year!"

Enlightened by mother's life and death experience

The change in Charmaine's mindset was resulted from her mother's illness, which almost cause her to regret for life. "In the past I have not performed my responsibility as a good daughter. A few years ago I want filming [Glittering Days] and busy working day and night. My mother suffered from lung infection and her heart stopped, she had to be resuscitated by defibrillator. I couldn't visit her at all, I feel that I am very unfillial. Luckily my mother was saved and that incident gave me a lot of enlightenment."

Beauty does not last. Apart from being a filial daughter, Charmaine does not wish to overwork to the extent of sacrificing her youthful looks. "Reaching a certain extent in life, I do not wish to age so quickly, I must retain my youth. You can't keep output all the time, you need to input too. I need to take a breather!"

Charmaine – Kevin Romance: Dating doesn't necessary bring happiness

When a woman is in love, her face will be glowing like fresh rouge. However, from Charmaine's face, we can only see cold traces from years of hardship. Regarding dating, she stated: "Right now I am so busy, I can't even manage half a boyfriend. I don't need anything else, all I want is sleep!" Earlier Charmaine revealed that she have attempted to develop further with Kevin Cheng, which she said: "What I said is the truth." There were rumors of break up and from Charmaine's words, it seems to be true. However, her attitude toward Kevin has never changed. "In my eyes, Kevin did not change. He is still a gentleman, a filial son. I think that it's better for us to remain friends; maybe this relationship will last longer. Sometimes dating doesn't necessary bring happiness."

Charmaine really likes children; she once said she hopes to open a kindergarten in the future so she can see smiling faces of pure children everyday. She expressed that she would like to get married, even her mother hope to see her finding Mr Right. "Yes, Mummy did hope to see me get married. But since my younger brother already got married last year and fulfilled her wishes, she no longer urge me to get married. Right now, I think what will make my mum happiest is our shared bank account increasing a few zero, so that I can accompany her to holiday tours!"

Gold label Manager

During the interview, Charmaine's manager Tina was also around. Mentioning about [Beyond the Realm of Conscience] ratings, Charmaine asks Tina: "What is the rating for this week?" When Charmaine is hungry, she will also ask: "Tina, I want to eat!" Asked who she can't live without, she said: "Right now I can't live without Tina!" Charmaine is really mischievous like a child.

I want to be like Maggie Cheung Man Yuk

Charmaine who does not believe in fate always does thing her way. Now, she only has one aspiration: "I hope to become like Maggie Cheung, doing what I like, have freedom in love and not bound in Hong Kong. If I can move all my friends overseas, I will leave Hong Kong and live overseas because they have much more freedom!"

Three stage in acting skills

After participating in Miss Hong Kong Pageant in 1997, Charmaine joined TVB and her first TV series is [Time Off]. In the span of 12 years, she has portrayed countless character. From zero acting skills to TV Queen, she has sacrificed a lot.

[Flying Fox of the Snowy Mountain] Miew Yeurk Lan

"That was my first costume series. The character is similar to myself back then; a piece of blank paper with zero knowledge. After I was criticized for having 'chicken voice', I started practicing very hard in my speech."

[Return of the Cuckoo] Chuk Kwan Ho

"That role changed me, people started to learn that Charmaine Sheh know how to act. It was a turning point in my life. That role also earned the first acting award for me."

[Beyond the Realm of Conscience] Lau Sam Ho

"Lau Sam Ho is a good person, to portray her in 3D and more realistic way is quite difficult. Hence I pay a lot of attention even in the smallest details."

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