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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Charmaine @ TVB Sales Presentation Ceremony 2010

Note: Only translated parts related to Charmaine.

[Oriental Daily 11/11/2009]

TVB held its [Sales Presentation Ceremony 2010] last evening. As usual, TVB 'biological children' will attend to entertain clients. However, they also specially arranged for Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang to appear in the show, with Eric Tsang calling them as TV King and Queen.

TVB artistes Charmaine Sheh, Kevin Cheng, Moses Chan, Raymond Lam, Linda Chung, Bernice Liu took part in the event to entertain over 1000 advertising clients. The event was held in a carnival style and artistes were arranged to walk the red carpet. Unlike previous year, the artistes arrive in mini bus rather than private vehicles.

Charmaine Sheh stood in the middle

As for standing position, apart from Carol Cheng and Liza Wang who stood in the exact middle, Charmaine Sheh and Linda Chung stood on their left side, while veterans like Louise Lee, Nancy Sit and Susanna Kwan stood on the right. As for actors Moses Chan, Kevin Cheng and Roger Kwok stood at the best position. During the closing event, TVB arrange its artistes to pair up and thank the audience. Among those paired up are 'Charvin', Raymond Lam with Linda Chung. Moses Chan was not arranged with Bernice Liu, but held Carol Cheng instead.

[Wenweipo 11/11/2009]

Charmaine Sheh is reserving the sexiness for Anniversary Award

Charmaine Sheh was considered one of the more conservatively dressed Fadan at the event. She smiled and said that she will only dress more sexy and formal at the upcoming the anniversary award. Mentioning that she only have one sales presentation series 《公主嫁到》(The Princess Marriage) lined up, Charmaine expressed that she is currently filming [Heaven & Earth] and she believes that she will not be filming only one series next year, because the company would not give her a 7 month holiday. Right now they have not arranged her schedule yet. Though she took part in [Forensic Heroes 2], her name was not listed in the 3rd sequel (FH3). Charmaine indicate that she does not know about the arrangement.

[Mingpao 11/11/2009]

《公主嫁到》The Princess Marriage

After [Beyond], Charmaine Sheh and Moses Chan continue to collaborate in costume series 《公主嫁到》The Princess Marriage. Charmaine portrays the spoiled 3rd Princess who marries Moses as the 4th son of a goldsmith family.

[Takungpao 11/11/2009]

Charmaine Sheh's [3 Good]

The event started with artistes giving a simple welcome speech onstage. Charmaine Sheh transformed into her character 'Sam Ho' and said: "There are 3 Good in advertising on TVB. Good Results, Good Feedback and Good Business", winning thunderous applause from the live audience.

Charmaine was not dressed sexily neither wore expensive jewelry that evening. She smiled and said she will only deck herself up for anniversary gala and award ceremony. Regarding Susan Tse and Mary Hon wearing their costumes in [Beyond] while she doesn't need to, does this indicate her high status? She smiled and replied: "I don't know, but wearing costume is more beautiful! Tonight I'm traveling in disguise*." Mentioning that she only have one series next year, she laughed: "How could that be? Most probably because a lot of series have not been finalized yet. I am currently filming [Heaven & Earth] and will only finish next year."

*Back in ancient time whenever the Emperor wants to go on secret trips, he will disguise himself in commoner’s clothes.”

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Advo said...

Charmaine's new serie sounds pretty fun. Plus, Moses too has pretty good comedic timing. And it'll be like what, their third collaboration? What is up with TVB? When they pair couples, they have to reuse them right after each other? Not that I mind, because BTRC has convinced me that Moses and Charmaine IS a great pairing and they'll probably not end up togeter in either BTRC or HAE. Looking forward to the serie!

sehseh said...

Advo, Princess will be their 5th collaboration.

PITNOL - Father daughter
DOP - Lovers
BTROC - Li Yi - Sam Ho
HAE - Ex-lovers (filming)
Princess - Husband and wife (finally!)

Lotus.Memoirs said...

Didn't want to cram your cbox with this rather random comment, but Kevin and Moses look ridiculous with those mustaches.


Lyna said...

First, Thank you so much for translating all the articles.

Second,OMG Charmaine new series with Moses looks really funny. I can't wait to see it. Also if FH3 doesn't have Charmaine and Kevin I don't think I'm going to watch it because they were the reason why watch FH2.

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