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Monday, November 23, 2009

Charmaine Sheh won HKD10, 000 from horse betting

[Oriental Daily, The Sun 23/11/2009]

Beauties Charmaine Sheh and Michelle Reis graced the Shatin Racecourse with their presence yesterday. However, in terms of luck, Michelle loses out to Charmaine. After winning HKD200, 000 in TVB anniversary gala, Charmaine won HKD10, 000 on the horse [Good Sleep] owned by David Hui with just HKD5000 as bet. She is really lucky and we wonder if she will win TV Queen as well.

Charmaine said that she attend to race support because the horse is owned by David Hui, the boss of A-fontane which she is the spokesperson. His wife also attended the race: "The boss and wife really treat me well, they have continue signing me for 5 years in a row. He has a new horse in race and invited me to attend. I use my own money and bought betting ticket with HKD5000. I don't know how to bet, but the horse won 3rd place therefore I got HKD10, 000."

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Another windfall for Charmaine! Hope her lucky streak continues!

Filming snippets of [72 Tenants]

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Wow, so many cameo from both TVB and movie stars! The movie will be shown in cinemas starting February 11, 2010.

Don't forget to support and vote for Charmaine @ TVB 42nd Anniversary Award!


EJ said...

The first picture is so poorly Photoshopped. The guy has two ears. lolz!

sehseh said...

Nope, someone was standing behind Mr Hui.

hyn5 said...

Charmaine is super lucky! Maybe like she said, she will win the big prize next year. :D

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