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Friday, November 20, 2009

Charmaine Sheh losing sleep over memorizing script

[Singtao 20/11/2009]

While watching [Beyond the Realm of Conscience], will you have feeling of déjà vu? Seeing the shadows from [JITP] and [War & Beauty]? One of the leading actresses Charmaine Sheh felt that palace themed series are more likely the same. She feels happy that the series garnered high ratings since its airing. The opportunity to work with a good group of cast is especially hard to come by.

In Charmaine eyes, her co-stars are the best learning objects. Michelle Yim portrayal can be witty, she also can be evil, her expression is precise; her eyes are sharp and energetic. Charmaine feels that she can learn a lot from her.

How about Susanna Kwan? Maybe because Susanna is a singer, she felt that Susanna have exceptional smooth delivery of dialogue with her good pronunciation and intonation.

As for 'Grand Empress Dowager' Susan Tse, Charmaine said that her portrayal of villain left a deep impression on audiences. She gets into character as soon as filming starts. Her powerful portrayal of Grand Empress Dowager dominate the scenes. It takes experiences to achieve her expertise in acting.

Rumored boyfriend Kevin Cheng portrayed a pair of lover with Charmaine in the series and shared plenty of scenes together. She can see that Kevin worked very hard on the dialogue. At first, Kevin could not keep up but he slowly grasped them and showed prominent progress.

Not forgetting her onscreen rival Tavia Yeung, Charmaine feels that Tavia's acting have matured. This is her 2nd time collaborating with Tavia since [Yummy Yummy]. [Yummy Yummy] storyline is simpler, while this time Tavia portrays a villain. There is a big transformation on how she is absorbed into her role, and her personality has become cheerful as well.

Charmaine have entered the entertainment circle for 12 years but she has never portrayed the ultimate villain. Does she wish to challenge herself? Charmaine feels that the script is very important, she doesn't like portraying sly and vicious character; however she will consider intelligent villain role; similar to those in [Infernal Affairs]. She revealed that because her character in [WAB] used evil scheme for survival, some advertisers immediately canceled their plans and requested to switch another spokesperson. She understands that everything has lost and gains. The popularity of the series may have caused her to lose advertisement opportunities, but it also brought her a lot of opportunities in earning through overseas events.

Any thoughts on joining the entertainment circle till now? Charmaine said: "Be it the increasing demand from audiences or increased public profile, artistes have to put a lot of effort and mentality in order to achieve breakthrough in performance. There is a certain level of difficulty in portraying 'Lau Sam Ho'. Everyone faced problem with the dialogue in the script, the director requested us to rehearse the script and it took us some time to memorize them. Everyone was busy reading scripts before taking their place, no one have time to chat. After filming wrapped up, I suffered insomnia for 2 months and only recovered after I returned to Hawaii. My friend said that perhaps it's due to the high pressure filming this series."

Charmaine is born for entertainment business and she has no problem memorizing scripts. However, she can't remember the small details of everyday life, especially paying bills when she is busy working. Having her phone, gas and utilities suddenly cut off is common for her. She found it less troublesome after using auto debit account for bills.

100% engrossed in work, doesn't that mean she have no time for relationship? Charmaine said: "I'll let it happen naturally. Recently I'm so busy that I have no time to take care of my two cats. Because they seldom see me, they refused to eat and lost a lot of weight. They also start defecate all over the place; therefore I temporarily placed them at friend's house. Mum has just returned from Hawaii, it took a lot of effort just to allocate time for dinner with her. Mum said that she regretted asking me to join Miss Hong Kong pageant and teased that I'm like an owl. However, I'm quite enduring."

In the past, Charmaine worked hard to earn money. Asked when she will earn enough for retirement, she frankly said that she have not earned enough yet. She have to own at least 2, 3 properties to rent out and a stable life before considering retirement. She estimates that it will take her another 2, 3 years: "I'm still young; I will be bored if I stopped working. Getting married is another thing; I don't know when I will be able to progress into this stage of life."

In recent year Charmaine is often linked with Kevin Cheng. Does their rumor affect her in seeking for Mr Right? Charmaine feels that it won't affect her and in the same time believes those who sincerely pursue her will know about her real status. As for rumors, she regards them as publicity tactics. In fact she is paired up with Kevin in [Beyond], therefore is normal for the promotional tactics to focus on them. She feels that friendship is more long lasting.

Now 34 years old, Charmaine is not worried about getting married at all. She believes in fate, nothing can stop it therefore she will let it happen naturally and there is no need to force. She emphasized that she wants to marry the person and not his money. The most important is communication; two people must be happy and comfortable with each other.

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Extra, extra!

Tavia Yeung @ Cha Siu Yan radio interview Part 1 and Part 2

Charmaine was mentioned in the clip, especially Part 2. Tavia said that Charmaine is very nice, she SMS-ed her the navigation around the filming area because she is worried that Tavia will get lost. Cha Siu Yan said that Charmaine is very good with her finance and investment.

In Susanna Kwan's recent interview, she said that she hope Tavia and Charmaine will win at TVB annivesary award. She praised that Charmaine is not only pretty, her acting is mature and underwent major transformation for her role as Lau Sam Ho.

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