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Friday, November 27, 2009

Charmaine Sheh increasing income thanks to 'Sam Ho'

[Mingpao, Singtao 27/11/2009]

Last evening, Charmaine Sheh attended Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Watch as special guest. She appeared wearing a bare back evening dress and jade jewelries worth more HKD4 million and unveiled the new collection of watches. Other than receiving fees, Charmaine also wore a diamond watch worth HKD400, 000, which was given as a gift from the organizer. Charmaine smiled and said that her character Sam Ho in [Beyond] has brought her plenty of extra income and she hope that gifts and cash will continue to roll in.

Though she has not calculated how much she has earned so far, Charmaine revealed that she earned around HKD1 million for this month. She also revealed that her mother will be returning to Hawaii soon: "Afterward I will be filming new series [The Princess Marriage]. I hope I will be able to take a long break and accompany my mother to vacation after filming end."

Charmaine feel saddened at the death of fellow actor Chan Hung Lit and said that the entire cast and crew of [Heaven & Earth] are depressed. She decided to face it positively: "Lit Gor has always been professional; I believe that he would not want us to continue unhappy at work. (Does Lit Gor sudden demise affect the filming?) We don't have much scene together; we only filmed a few shots. The producer will be making arrangement." She indicates that she will be attending Lit Gor's funeral if time permit. Mentioning that Lit Gor's children might face difficulties in daily lives, Charmaine said: "We will certainly help out if necessary, the company has already contacted Lit Gor's wife."

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alicechen said...

A very interesting dress Charm has on!! Elegant and pleasing to the eyes.

I wonder what she's planning to wear at the award show!! :D

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