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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Charmaine Sheh defends Kevin Cheng praying for safety

[Oriental Daily, Apple Daily, Wenweipo 14/11/2009]

Last evening Charmaine Sheh, Kevin Cheng, Moses Chan, Susanna Kwan and cast of [Beyond the Realm of Conscience] attended the banquet held at Regal Kowloon Hotel to celebrate the series ratings. Catherine Tsang and Stephen Chan also attended the event. [Beyond] ratings for last week achieved average of 36 points, peaking at 40 points. They ranked top in this year series for maintaining average rating of 34 points from episode 1-18.

Due to the popularity of the series, many cast members' past has become the target of tabloids. Charmaine expressed that she is not afraid: "I have nothing to be exposed anyway, my past is MHK Pageant! I don't have secrets, rumors, relationship chart – all these have been written too many times already!" She indicates that her jobs have also increased. However as she will be filming two series during the Christmas and New Year season, there will be difficulties allocating her schedule: "I expect to lose out around 7 figure sum, but I won't feel it's a pity. You can never earn enough money. Being happy is enough, plus you won't get this accomplishment if you don't film series."

Mentioning about the recent reports of Kevin Cheng traveling to Thailand to pray to Four-Face Buddha in order to win award and get rid of bad luck, Charmaine defended him: "Does that works? I don't know why people keep writing about him. (Do you want him to win award?) I am happy with anyone winning the award; be it the Emperor (Moses), Master Ko (Kevin) or Chai Gau (Wayne). (Is Kevin superstitious?) I don't know! Most probably just praying for health and safety. I have prayed to Four-Face Buddha in the past, but I did not ask fortune prediction because I do not want to know the future."

On the other hand, Kevin admitted that he went to Thailand to pray to Four-Face Buddha. He has already practiced it for 2 years already. "November 9th was Four-Face Buddha Mass, Deborah Lee gave me some tickets therefore I flew straight to Thailand after completing my job events in Malaysia. (What did you pray for?) I can't tell you, otherwise it won't come true. But I definitely did not pray for awards." Regarding reports of him sweeping away bad luck (mui hei), he laughed: "You think I'm a coal gas (mui hei) company? I use LP gas (shek yao hei) at home. (Charmaine defended you) Really? Maybe my bad luck will go away the more you write. (You are admitting defeat toward Best Actor award?) I support Wayne Lai to win; to me he is the TV King."

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Hehehe... yesterday a tabloid reported that Charmaine earned HKD10 million this year, wonder how many income tax she have to pay if this is true... ouch!

Don't forget to support and vote for Charmaine @ TVB 42nd Anniversary Award!

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Funn Lim said...

AND she just won 200k (2nd prize)! Rich! Rich! The article kinda implies Kevin Cheng is down on his luck?!

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