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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

[Cat's Life Volume 75] Charmaine Sheh's beloved Chinchilla cat

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Charmaine Sheh has always been a dog lover. Her home kept dogs before, and her mum staying in Hawaii also kept dogs. She wished to keep dogs again but before she realized her wish, she suddenly became cat owner instead. Being a newbie at keeping cats, can Charmaine handle the cunning kitties?

Tricked by cats

Charmaine currently have two cats; one is a Scottish fold called BB, the other is a Chinchilla called Leng Mui. "I start keeping BB since Christmas 2 years ago. I was walking past a pet shop when I saw cute litter of kittens. I really want to bring him home but I was hesitant as I never kept a cat before. A few days after that, I went to that pet shop for 3 times and finally decide to buy one. At that time the small BB stood on my palm quietly, his face was really pitiful. I thought he was a quiet and obedient kitty. I only realized I was tricked after bringing him home. Though he is not considered naughty, he has an attitude. He will not simply come to anyone or let them hold him."

A year after keeping BB, Charmaine walked past a pet shop again and saw an ugly looking kitten. She was afraid that no one will want her and bought her home. Charmaine was tricked again, because Leng Mui grew up into beautiful cat, not ugly at all.

Kitty with an attitude

BB is really a cat with an attitude. Charmaine said that his favorite past time is to laze around. He loves to lie on his back and expose his belly all the time. He doesn't like to be bothered when he’s lazing around, his eyes seems to tell you: "I won't be bothered with you!" Charmaine loves to hug and kiss them when she arrives home, but sometimes when BB mood is not good or upset with Charmaine rarely spending time with him, he will put his paws on Charmaine's lips, not allowing her to kiss. When Charmaine scolds him, he will glance back as he walks away and sulks at her. "He really got attitude and personality; I was tricked by his appearance!"

Learning high jump

Leng Mui personality is different from BB. She is more quiet and clingy to people. She often will lie on Charmaine’s lap and accompany her to watch TV. Even if Charmaine did not spend much time with her, she will not hold a grudge. "However, Leng Mui has a weird habit. Sometimes she kept walking all around the house, or kept jumping in front of the mirror. I suspect she is training to high jump, because she can see how high she can reach from the mirror. Therefore she only jumps in front of the mirror. Now she's jumping higher, she can reach my chest level. I feel funny seeing her practice jumping in front of the mirror."

On the day of the interview, Charmaine brought Leng Mui along for the photo shoot. Leng Mui is really as beautiful as Charmaine described. Though she rarely goes out, she will only widen her eyes in curiosity and does not run around. She obediently stayed by Charmaine's side. Even when she's playing with toys, she does it gracefully like a quiet and obedient young lady.


Though they get along well, but when Leng Mui first came, BB kept hissing at her. Luckily the situation improved after a few days. "Actually BB does not like Leng Mui. He realized that he can't chase her away, so he accepted reality. Now they often plays together, rolling around, and sometimes even hug each other to sleep. However when BB mood is not good, he will ignore any people or cat. When I am too busy working and did not have time to accompany them, they will wait for me at the door. However I must hug both of them at the same time. If I only hug one, the other one will get jealous. Sometimes, when I'm stroking one of them, the other one will come and push my hand away."

Slowly becoming a cat fanatic

Since Charmaine loves cat, will she consider adding another cat? "I am already pining for two of them, especially when I'm busy working outside, I missed them a lot. If I keep another cat, I won't bear to work away from home. Plus I do not want to further divide my care and attention on them. Therefore I do not dare to walk pass pet shop again, I'm scare I won't be able to control myself. However, if I have time in the future I might keep a large breed dog. But I heard that cat loves to bully dog, with BB's attitude I think even large breed dogs will be scared of him."

Editor's Note

This issue of 'Cat Lover' cover feature is Charmaine Sheh, who portrays Lau Sam Ho in the series [Beyond the Realm of Conscience]. In the series, Charmaine portrays an extremely good person. In real life, she is extremely nice as well. She is one of the rare celebrities who will bring her beloved cat to photo shoot and greet the public. Maybe the pet resembles the owner, or Charmaine have good teaching; her Chinchilla cat is very obedient. Even at a foreign environment and facing so many strangers, she is not terrified at all. As long as Charmaine is around, she will wait obediently. Only when her owner is taking pictures with other cats, she quickly becomes jealous. This is also considered an expression of love!

Please do not repost.

Charmaine brought her Chinchilla cat; Leng Mui to the photo shoot (hehe, BB must be sulking at home).

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