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Sunday, November 29, 2009

'Biological daughter' voice of heart Charmaine Sheh: More opportunities

[Oriental Daily 29/11/2009]

The competition for 'TV Queen' in TVB anniversary award has always been fierce and this year is no different. After 'Yu Fei', the mega popular Sheren Tang transformed into '4th Mistress' to fight nemesis 'Sam Ho' Charmaine Sheh once again. Unexpectedly more rivals joined the competition, such as underdog 'Yat Sum' Anita Yuen and 'Kam Ling' Tavia Yeung who is advancing through the ranks. Will Sheren once again lose out due to the fact that she is not 'biological daughter' (TVB management artiste)? Or would it be a glorious victory for her? Before the award conclude coming Friday, the daily interviewed these four 'TV Queen' candidate to learn more about their thoughts.

'Biological daughter' voice of heart Charmaine Sheh: More opportunities

Every year as the anniversary award approaches, being TVB managed artistes or non-TVB managed artistes will always be listed as one of the requirement to win award. As TVB 'biological daughter', Charmaine said: "I feel that there is no big difference. Last year Ha Yu, Michelle Yim winning TV King and Queen Award is the best example. However, I admit that being so-called 'biological children' have more opportunities; we received better roles and position. This is mutually supportive, since we signed management contract the company will naturally arrange for a smooth career development for us. However, we also need to work hard and grasp the opportunities. We cannot slack off. I've seen people who does not treasure and grasp the opportunities and let it slipped away. A series cost over HKD10 million to produce, the company will not invest in newcomer whom doesn't work hard."

Accepting both positive and negative

Discussing on the topic of her being elevated due to her 'privileged status', Charmaine laughed and said: "If being 'biological' can automatically win award, then I wouldn't need to wait 10 years to get mine! Luckily back then no one questioned whether my win is due to being 'biological' or not. The truth is that I have sacrificed a lot of effort and time to polish my acting. I understand that being an artiste is bound to criticism; I will accept both positive and negative comments. I'm feeling quite relax toward this year's award. The atmosphere outside is getting tense and is good for making the show more interesting. Actually I don't mind whether I win or not, if I lose this year I can always make a comeback next year."

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