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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Susanna Kwan hosted celebration dinner for [Beyond] cast

[Mingpao 22/10/2009]

TVB anniversary series [Beyond the Realm of Conscience] achieved good results for its premiere episode, defeating the ratings of [Born Rich]. Yesterday Susanna Kwan treated the cast and crew to a celebration dinner. This time Susanna is the host and spent more than HKD10, 000 on each table. There were a total of 6 tables. Michelle Yim could not attend due to work obligations while Kevin Cheng was rumored to be avoiding Charmaine Sheh after their break up rumor, hence absent from the dinner.

Susanna expressed that she have already planned the dinner earlier ahead and is the first to host banquet. She believes that if the ratings continue to do well, other cast members will take turn hosting dinners. "If each cast member hold celebration dinners, we definitely have to start dieting."

Tavia Yeung expressed confidence that [Beyond] ratings will surpass 40 points. When asked whether the ratings result increase her confidence in nabbing 'Best Actress' award, she indicates that she still has room for improvement. She does not care whether she can get 'Best Actress' award or not. Susan Tse also supports Tavia. There are criticisms that Tavia is not evil enough in her role? Susan said that the audiences are making early conclusion. Tavia's character will underwent huge transformation.

[Beyond] 2nd episode achieved the average rating of 33 points, dropped 1 point from 1st episode. [Born Rich] 2nd episode remained at 32 points. [Beyond] executive producer Mui Siu Ching was asked whether Kevin is absent due to avoiding Charmaine. She said that Kevin could not attend as he signed on some shows to earn extra money. Mui Siu Ching also responded to allegations that [Beyond] is copying [Jewel in the Palace] and said that both series have different theme. However there are netizens who said [Beyond] copied Mainland China series 'Mu Yi Tian Xia'.

Tracy Ip who also took part in [Beyond] looked great and attended the dinner wearing a low-cut outfit. There are rumors that Tracy broke up with her wealthy boyfriend due to the involvement of Vicki Zhao. Accordingly Tracy and her boyfriend were already considering marriage and she even received a 4-carat diamond ring. However Vicki suddenly enter their relationship, ending the engagement. Yesterday reporters tried to contact Tracy but they have yet to receive any feedback. Her manage expressed that there’s no feedback at the moment as they have yet to clarify on the situation.

Additional translation from Oriental Daily and The Sun.

In addition, there was a magazine indicating that Charmaine Sheh admitted developing her relationship further with Kevin Cheng, but it did not work out. Yesterday Charmaine was asked about this and she frankly said: "What I said is the truth, I will not respond further. (Does that mean you are indirectly admitting to be dating?) We did not date. (There's report saying that Kevin is avoiding you?) We are friends, why would he avoid me." As for Kevin, he said: "I agree that we did not date. This topic has been going on for a long time, I do not want to respond further."

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Yesterday I mentioned that Charmaine took part in filming a sales presentation clip called "The Arrival of the Princess" with Moses Chan, Susanna Kwan, Linda Chung, Fala Chan, Lee Heung Kam etc.

Charmaine has not officially confirmed that she will be filming this Tang dynasty comedy series. This series is scheduled to be filmed in Dec and since Charmaine's next series should be a costume series (since she films modern & costume alternately), it is possible that she will take on this series. Keep your fingers crossed.

Last but not least, here's a sneak peek of Charmaine's look in TVB Chinese New Year movie; the remake of The House of 72 Tenants:

More news and pics will be available tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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