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Monday, October 19, 2009

Kevin Cheng look embarrassed carrying Charmaine Sheh

[Takungpao 19/10/2009]

TVB grand production series is going to premiere tonight. Yesterday Kevin Cheng, Moses Chan, Tavia Yeung, Charmaine Sheh, Susanna Kwan, Michelle Yim and other supporting cast attended the promotional event at Olympian City in their drama costumes. Rumored couple Kevin Cheng and Charmaine She continues to be the spotlight. Both of them chatted onstage and arranged to play games together. Though Kevin look embarrassed carrying Charmaine, but they finished the game successfully. Regarding the rumors of their break up, Charmaine stressed that they are good friends, seemingly reassuring her rumored boyfriend!

TVB held a promotional event for [Beyond the Realm of Conscience] at Olympian City yesterday and the cast showed off their costumes in catwalk. They are also divided into two teams to form the 'Longevity' word to celebrate TVB 42nd anniversary. Moses and Kevin were assigned to carry the female cast to pass the Chinese characters. Kevin, who was recently rumored to have broken up with Charmaine, carried her thrice onstage. However, he looked awkward doing so. Later, they chatted happily during the event, not affected by the rumors at all.

Afterward Charmaine emphasized that there is no awkwardness, but she is rather disappointed losing the game. Mentioning that Kevin appeared to be nervous while carrying her, she said: "Maybe he is afraid of dropping me, because my costumes is too long!" Regarding the indication that this is their first public appearance together since their break up rumor, Charmaine said: "Previously we filmed promotional clips together, this is the first public appearance." When asked if she mind TVB using them as publicity, Charmaine expressed: "It's ok if it helps the ratings! (Rumors of break up?) Yes! We already broke up after filming [Beyond]. We were rumored to reconcile during the filming of the series; therefore we broke up after filming. I am now filming [Heaven & Earth], the new male leads are Moses Chan and Bowie Lam. (Do you mind being used for company publicity?) It's inevitable. As a part of the cast we ought to promote the series. In the audiences eyes we are a compatible pair, our intention is to create a deep impression."

Regarding the earlier reports saying that she dumped Kevin because he is boring and penniless, and saying that she have a new tycoon boyfriend, Charmaine replied: "Who? I don't know. I feel that the article is irresponsible, maybe the writer is over-imaginative! (How is your relationship with Kevin?) We are good friends! Our friendship never changed. (How about your sentiments? Romance?) Friendship is a kind of sentiment too!" Mentioning that she is one of the hot candidate for Best Actress award, Charmaine frankly said that she won once and this year she feel confident as well, but Tavia's villain role is more outstanding, therefore it'll depend whether the audiences like her (Charmaine) performance.

On the other hand, Kevin indicates he didn't feel anything special while carrying Charmaine, except promotional feeling. Asked if he felt embarrassed appearing in public together after their break up rumor, Kevin laughed: "Why should there be embarrassment? I don't care about these, work is more important. No awkwardness." He also admitted chatting with Charmaine during the event. "Why can't we chat? We are friends. (You seem to be smiling happily while chatting with Charmaine) No such thing! Both Moses and I are smiling happily!"

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I saw the clips and it's kinda difficult to carry Charmaine because her costumes is really long... easy to trip on it. Plus the stage is kinda narrow as everyone is grouped together, so there's no much space to play games.

Check out the interview & clips in TVB official website:

Looking forward to the 42nd Anniversary Lighting Ceremony tonight!

More pics taken by scarecrowcandi from Charvin forum.

Fans from Charvin forum recorded some clips from the event, you may watch them here, here and here.

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