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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Charmaine Sheh: I Love Hawaii Dogs!

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People do not have confidence in long distance relationship because they don’t get to see each other much. Charmaine Sheh only sees her Hawaiian dogs once a year, but the affection remains deep as the two doggies adores her. 'Distance Love' might not be as troublesome as we think.

Loves dogs but keeping cats instead?

Charmaine's family had a Shih Tzu before, but she never kept another dog since. She is a dog lover, but end up keeping cats. "Currently I have two cats at home. I started keeping them since Christmas two years ago. Actually I prefer dogs, because they are obedient and more responsive to their owner. However, I have irregular working hours and little time to sleep, maybe just 2-3 hours daily. If the dogs keep barking I will not be able to rest. In addition I do not have the time to take them out for daily walks, therefore till now I do not have plans to keep dogs. On the other hand cats are easier to take care of; they require less attention than dogs. Most importantly they do not need to take regular walks, so cats are more suitable for me."

Mum's dogs

While Charmaine keep cats in Hong Kong, her mother keep dogs in Hawaii. Her mother has two dogs; Sha Sha (Shih Tzu) and Olivia (French Poodle). Because of the hot weather in Hawaii, they are hairless most of the time. Charmaine feels amused with their looks. "Every year I will go to Hawaii to visit mum and them as well. I adore them very much. Even though we only meet once a year, they still recognize me. We have a close relationship, especially Sha Sha. She's very friendly. When I sat down on the sofa, she will come over and kisses me. She makes me very happy. Olivia is a little snobbish, maybe because she is a French poodle. Therefore mum says that she is a bit arrogant like the French."

Loves to go cruising

Sha Sha and Olivia love to go cruising in the car. If Charmaine does not take them along, they will appear to be very pitiful. "Sometimes I drive the car to go shopping. When they find out that I want to go out, they appeared to be sad and disappointed. Afterward they will lie on the floor and stared at me with pitiful eyes. Seeing their pitiful expression I won't be able to resist them and say: "Let's go! Go together!" They will immediately climb into the car. Actually I always return home as soon as I'm done shopping, but they are satisfied being able to cruise in the car."

During the photo shoot, the Chihuahua dog models appeared to be afraid and kept trembling. Charmaine gently strokes them and speak gently to comfort them. She is such a loving person.

Fond of large breed dogs

Charmaine revealed that she loves large breed dogs, because she felt that their personalities are disciplined and docile. Unlike smaller breed dogs which are more active: running and barking around. Because she loves large breed dogs, Charmaine will only consider keeping dogs if she moves to somewhere with a garden or spacious rooftop. "I feel that if you want to keep pets, you must be able to provide a comfortable environment for them. Especially for large breed dogs, you must give them enough space to roam about."

Wants a Cool dog

However, Charmaine is not fond of just any large breed dogs. Few years back when Charmaine accepts interview with us, she had the opportunity to work with Chow Chow dogs. After that experience, Charmaine finally realize her preference and Chow Chow is not her pick. "When taking pictures with Chow Chow, I feel that their expression is cute and dumb. However, all they ever do is to stretch out on the floor, lazing around the whole day. I realize I prefer energetic dogs, especially Siberian Husky. When you take them out for strolls, it's really cool. Therefore if I keep a dog I will definitely pick those which look cool."

Hard to resist pitiful, little dogs

From the Sha Sha and Olivia incident, whenever dogs showed a pitiful expression, Charmaine will be overwhelmed by affection. The Chihuahuas working with Charmaine for this photo shoot was not accustomed to foreign place therefore they are quite terrified and keep trembling. Charmaine cannot help but hold and gently comforts them: "Don't be afraid, you can go home soon." Even though Charmaine loves large breed dogs, she does not resist small breed dogs either. However, she emphasized that she will only keep dogs if she have the sufficient time and good environment for them.

Editor's note

Charmaine Sheh is a publicly acknowledged beauty, and is also our special guest for this week's [Star VS Dog]. Though Charmaine do not own a dog, but she gets to experience how it feels to be a dog owner when she visits her mother in Hawaii annually. Actually, Charmaine loves dogs, but she also has preference. This beauty only loves large breed dogs; therefore Siberian Husky is her cup of tea. Kevin Cheng who always portrayed roles like firemen and police should fit Charmaine's taste as well.

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