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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Charmaine Sheh filmed passionate kissing scene amidst rowdy cheers

[Oriental Daily 25/10/2009]

Apart from promoting series [Beyond the Realm of Conscience], Charmaine Sheh has been busy filming for new series [Heaven and Earth]. Last evening around 11pm, Charmaine, Catherine Chow, Kenny Wong, Tsui Wing etc. went to Soho in Central to film outdoor scene and attracted a crowd of onlookers.

That evening, Charmaine and Tsui Wing filmed a passionate kissing and hugging scene. Before filming, they stood aside to discuss the script. A male crew member helped Charmaine to test the position and pretended to kiss Tsui Wing. Before getting in place Charmaine made all the preparations by touching up her makeup and re-applying her lipstick.

As soon as the camera rolled, Charmaine turned serious and initiated a hug with Tsui Wing, kissing passionately. There were a lot of onlookers and people from nearby bars turned rowdy when they saw her kissing so passionately. They cheered loudly and even took pictures, hence interrupting the filming progress. The two of them have to redo the kissing scene again and again. At some point Charmaine couldn't suppress her laughter and caused some NG's. After the filming ended Charmaine anxiously watch the playback and discussed the angle and position with the director.

Before filming, several housewives fans approached Charmaine to take pictures and autographs. They praised her good acting skills, making Charmaine very happy. Regarding filming kissing scene with Tsui Wing on the streets, Charmaine said she is not embarrassed: "I'm not embarrassed because it's work. I'm a bit nervous because there were too many reporters at the scene. However everyone was satisfied with the good filming results. I still have another kissing scene with Tsui Wing but it will be filmed in the studio."

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Spoilers about Charmaine's character:

Ben Wong Chi Yin is Charmaine's husband and they are married for 3 years. Ben's character is a Mr. Nice Guy and loving husband. On the other hand Tsui Wing is Charmaine's secret lover. Charmaine and Ben divorced after Ben found out about her affair with Tsui Wing. highlight to read

Ooh, Charmaine's character sounds very complicated. Feels like a ticking time bomb to me... I want her to 'face off' with Moses in the end of the series... hehehe...

As always, Charmaine is very professional in her work!

Extra: Charmaine's NG clip in [Beyond]

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Lol... Instead of saying 'sharp tongue', Sam Ho said that Hin Yeung is a 'sweet talker'.


mare said...

"face off" like how..? i dont mind if she kills him in the last episode... haha... :P

sehseh said...

Mare, you are so sadistic... but I like the idea :D

mare said...

haha!!! but do you think it's possible..? i keep forgetting that the main theme of this series is "LOVE" (in moses voice)... roflmao

sehseh said...

I dunno, with cannibalism as starting premise and the character's glam rock image, I can't really associate romantic love with the series :P

CKY, gimme something dark and exciting for HAE please!

mare said...

i bet it'll end with something LOVE-ly... haha... dark romance stories are pretty cool...

Advo said...

Wow, HAE sounds ocomplicated - especially Charmaine's character. From the Sales Presentation, I always got that she was trying to avenge her fiance/husband and get justice. Did they just totally throw out the old script and write a completely new one or something?

Regarding "Beyond", I know a Charvin pairing is in the cards, which is unfortunate because I really like Moses/Charmaine. I think it's really sweet with the two kids helping each other turning into real love. Too bad, TVB hasn't tired of the old "recipe" with Kevin/Charmaine - especially, because Kevin is such an unbelievable wooden actor!

sehseh said...

Advo, puppy love/childhood crush isn't exactly fresh idea.... but I prefer sam ho & li yi :)

Advo said...

Oh sorry, maybe I didn't express myself clear enough. Although the childhood sweethearts idea is definitely not a fresh idea (so few ideas are nowadays), Moses and Charmaine is a new pairing.

But, most importantly, Moses is a great actor and his character seems interesting whereas Kevin is wooden as usual and his character will undoubtably be as pure as Charmaine's. Kevin is just not that stellar an actor, and it really shows in his "good guy" roles. I liked him the best in Ultimate Crime Fighter (even though the show itself was pure fail) because he actually portrayed his character with some variation and well, life.

Question: Who is Li Yi? Is that Kevin's character?

Advo said...

Hehe, I couldn't wait to I looked it up. It's Moses, yes? :D

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