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Friday, October 23, 2009

Charmaine Sheh as the mean landlady in [72 Tenants]

[Takungpao, Oriental Daily, Singpao 23/10/2009]

Shaw Brothers new movie [72 Tenants] is a tribute to the 70's classic movie [The House of 72 Tenants]. Yesterday the mega cast attended the blessing ceremony held at TVB city. Apart from first leading actor Jacky Cheung and actress Anita Yuen, Eric Tsang who is also the producer and director will have a love triangle relationship with them in the movie. In addition, a lot of TVB artistes took part in the movie.

Yesterday the cast gathered at TVB City ancient street and most of them appeared in oldies costumes. Among those attended are Jacky Cheung, Cholam Wong, Bosco Wong, David Lo, Joyce Cheng, Joyce Tang, Joe Ma, Charmaine Sheh, Chin Kar Lok, Bernice Liu, Raymond Wong, Linda Chung, Lawrence Ng, Raymond Cho etc. Joyce Cheng resembles Lydia Shum original role 'Shanghai Por' the most, while Charmaine Sheh who portrays 'Landlady' was very coy and even posed on the car during for the group picture, creating a funny atmosphere.

In the movie, Charmaine have to wear padded bra to portray the voluptuous, mean land lady. Did she refer her character to Tina Ti? Charmaine expressed that she has yet to watch [The House of 72 Tenants] and joked that not only her 'figure' is outstanding, but the mole on her face as well. When asked if she is satisfied with her voluptuous figure, she said: "My cup size increased! But I think my original figure is ok. This look is just for comedic effect in the movie." Mentioning of her pose on the car, she laughed and said: "You don't know how difficult it was for me! The car surface is really hot."

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According to the interview, Gordon Lam will be playing Charmaine's husband a.k.a. the Landlord. Charmaine said that her character is very mean and uses foul language. This is a comedy movie scheduled for release on 2010 Chinese New Year.

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hyn5 said...

Charmaine said Gordon Lam is playing her husband. He wasn't at the blessing because he was working. :)

sehseh said...

Gordon Lam Ka Tung? :D

I guess I made the error becuase I heard something about 'bed scenes' with Louis Yuen... lol...

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