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Thursday, October 15, 2009

[Beyond the Realm of Conscience] trailer 7: Sam Ho vs Kam Ling

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姊妹決裂 正邪殊途

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Two as one, mutually dependant and destroy

Crystal: From now on, both of you are good sisters.

The two sisters shared the same fate

Moses: Lau Sam Ho, I now confer you the title of Consort Tak.

Tavia: I've endured humiliation and obstacles to become a consort.

Charmaine: We will always be good sisters.

Tavia: Why the heaven is so unfair?

Two different paths, good versus evil

Tavia: Drink this medicine!

Charmaine: Kam Ling, why do you treat me like this?!

Tavia: I suffered so many unfairness and degradation because of you, Lau Sam Ho! You are no match for me.

Exciting trailer! Looking forward to Charmaine & Tavia scenes together.

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