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Sunday, October 11, 2009

[Beyond the Realm of Conscience] theme and subtheme song

(Radio version) Credit to 阿T from KuangaiTVB BBS

Theme song title: 宮心計 Beyond the Realm of Conscience
Singer: Susanna Kwan

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誓約 歷遍世間轉化
善惡 未到最終需要代價
平步震驚天下 綢緞如鏡玉砌似畫
眉目預算未染細沙 請你 留下

日抱住 別作夢 未得寵
看到的 聽到的 不要信
遺憾是 閉起眼時 至望到世間多少暗湧

愛得深 說得真 別感動
再錐心 再刻骨 不覺痛
無奈是 兩手相擁 也是覺得冰凍

Love the lyrics for the themesong... waiting for clear version to come out...

Subtheme song title: 風車 Windmill
Singer: Charmaine Sheh

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紅風車 轉一轉吧 福來我家
求風生 雨點降下 花兒別怕
紅花開 笑一笑吧 福來我家
雲飄飄 聽風說話 娃兒別怕

月缺月會順時 下雨下雪聽天
念掛像風箏 不見面 有著線牽

紅風車 轉一轉吧 福來我家
如分開 雨點降下 娃兒別怕

The lyrics and melody sounds like a lullaby, so sweet... The spirit of Lau Sam Ho; hope, love and kindness.

Added: AOD promo clip for Oct 2009

Source: Astro On Demand


hyn5 said...

No one more suitable to sing the theme other than Susanna! Super good! :D

You are right, the sub does sound like a lullaby. I think it is very catchy. Very easy to sing. :)

hyn5 said...

I find it easier to use blogger to upload instead of imeem. Plus, I have reached the max. 100 upload to my profile in imeem. :)

sehseh said...

Dunno why but blogger video/clip upload is slow for me, and hard to edit.

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