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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

[Beyond the Realm of Conscience] premiere rating peaked at 36 points

Beyond The Realm Of Conscience has won the first leg

[Mingpao 21/10/2009]

TVB grand production "Beyond the Realm Of Conscience" and "Born Rich" broadcasted their first episode on Monday. "Beyond The Realm Of Conscience" had an index rating of 34 points (2.14 million viewers) and peaked at 36 points (2.29 million viewers). It broke TVB's 2003 record of the first showing series. "Born Rich" had lost about 100,000 viewers. The average index rating was 32 points (2.05 millions viewers), peaked at 34 points (2.14 viewers). The leading cast of "Beyond The Realm Of Conscience" including Charmaine Sheh, Tavia Yeung and Moses Chan were very happy indeed, but reckoned the two TV series will have a long way for competing with each other. On the other hand, Anita Yuen and Jaime Chik have every confidence in "Born Rich".

The other night the cast of both TV series were at two different shopping malls to watch the first episode with the viewers. There were 500 viewers at the Olympia City watching live broadcast for "Beyond The Realm Of Conscience". Talking about "Beyond The Realm Of Conscience" has won the first leg, Charmaine responded " Never thought about competition, because we all give out a lot, and we hope we get good feedback. This is only the beginning, the two series have different styles, maybe "Born Rich" will give the viewers a nice surprise later on." The reporter asked if Charmaine thinks the two little girls deserve a praise? Charmaine agreed, in particular when the little girl was putting the ashes down inside the well, she was in tears too. The reporter said some people criticized the series for imitating "The Jewel in the palace."(大長今), Charmaine thinks viewers should watch how the series develop and make their judgment.

Tavia thinks the viewers saw the two girls at the beginning of the series, they were too quick to associate that with "The Jewel in The Palace." In fact, it was only the beginning to explain how the two sisters' relationship changed in time. The viewers have to follow the series to find out. Moses also thinks the viewers are a bit too early to make any judgement about the two series. He thinks the viewers are fortunate to watch two good productions. Producer for "Beyond The Realm Of Conscience" Mui Siu Ching said "The two series are very good quality series. I have watched "Born Rich " too and the cast have done their best. (The viewers have praised the two girls.) When we were deciding who we should get as little Charmaine, we were struggling if we should ask a girl with single eye lid and no front teeth to play that role. In reality, we should find a pretty girl, but than we thought we should keep the image of "Sam Ho" being a kind hearted person. Therefore when she grew up, she would be beautiful. After three auditions, we picked that particular girl and we found out afterwards, she was the child star in the movie 'Connected'".

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Due to time constraint, I will only be translating HAE blessing ceremony news. Luckily R.E.D. from asianvn did a great job translating the [Beyond] premiere rating news! Congrats to [Beyond], it's a good start. I hope the ratings will continue to rise steadily.

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