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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Are You Smarter Than 5th Grade (Part 2)
Credit to Siu Oi from

Charmaine is quite witty, she actually doesn't need the 3 options because her original answer(s) is correct. I myself do not know how to answer most of these elementary school questions, because I've 'returned' them to my teachers already. Lol...

Download link credit to Fongie4:

Watch Part 1 here.

I noticed that some fans asked what is Charmaine doing lately. Charmaine is currently filming new TVB series "Heaven & Earth" (天与地) with Moses Chan, Bowie Lam, Maggie Siu, Kenny Wong etc. Generally there's not much coverage on the filming due to media concentration on anniversary series, but filming has been going smoothly so far.

Mo's expression in the 2nd picture is cute. Anyway, some spoiler of the series:

Both Moses and Bowie is in love with Charmaine. Bowie is married with Astrid Chan, while Moses is married to Maggie Shiu. After Charmaine found out that Moses, Bowie & Kenny murdered and ate her boyfriend many years ago, she wanted to expose them but do not have enough evidence. Hence she decides to seek revenge on them. Astrid found out that Bowie is in love with Charmaine and divorced him. Moses decides to abandon his wife and pushed all the blame on Bowie and Kenny.

Here's also a mag scan covering a little on [Beyond] and HAE filming. As the content is a bit rubbish, we'll just enjoy the pics then.

Credit to Kwan5170 from Please do not repost.

Hehehe... Charmaine used her own SLK350 to film the series. When Mo leaned on the car, Chik Kei Yi warned him not to scratch her car. Lol... she even ate snacks on top of her car.

p.s. Don't miss out [Beyond the Realm of Conscience] opening themevideo below!


Advo said...

I don't know. I was so excited for the project when Nick was attached, but now, I'm a little 'meh' about it. I love Charmaine, but I honestly hate it when they go overboard and use her too much in a serie. I think a show works better when there's approx. equal screentime among the leads and it isn't carried by one person only. And with both Bowie and Moses in love with Charmaine? Sounds like too much focus on Charmaine's character. E.g FH was overall a better show than FH2 despite the fact that Charmaine was in it, because they used the entire cast much better. Overexposure is never good. And, I guess, I'm also less interested because I don't think either Bowie or Moses would be a good fit with Charmaine. Nick on the other hand, would have been totally awesome.

mare said...

hahaha... chik is silly... ^o^

sehseh said...

Advo, you missed out Kenny Wong as well :P

Chik rarely focus the storyline on one single character, he likes to give development to major characters, including supporting role.

Though Charmaine have storyline with three of them, that doesn't mean her onscreen time will be marginally longer. It depends on how the script is written.

I'm actually wondering how Bowie-Charmaine, Kenny-Charmaine pairing will fare, because they doesn't really have much romantic scenes in their previous series (WAB/DOP).

Mare, have you checked out TVBS magazine yet? Mo looks super fit in there, I think he don't need to lose more weight.

Advo said...

Ahh, yeah, I had to google Kenny before I recognized him. Of course, it does depend a lot on how the director/scriptwriter decides to split the screentime, however, it doesn't sound promising with all the guys pining for Charmaine. Furthermore, as far as I've understood, Charmaine doesn't have much competition. Maggie's a big star too, but she's older than Charmaine and definitely not as beautiful - and this is in no way a slight to Maggie whom I'm a big fan of. And, I'm not really a big fan of love triangles. And like you, I'm also wondering about Charmaine's chemistry with any of the three guys, since they are all new pairings.

mare said...

yea, i dont think he needs to lose anymore weight... he needs to work on the shaping... actually i have no idea what im talking about... haha...

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