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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

[You're Hired] final week rating peaked at 40 points

[Mingpao 08/08/09]

TVB series [You're Hired] final week peaked at 40 points on Friday, with the average rating of 36 points. The last two episode was aired on Saturday received the average rating of 33 points, peaking at 38 points. Netizens at various discussion forums requested for TVB to film a prequel or sequel with the original cast. Executive producer Nelson Cheung expressed that it depends on the company decision and most importantly, it will only be considered as original cast if 'Song Gor' (Dayo Wong) agrees to take part.

Possible sequel for [You're Hired]

[Apple Daily 08/09/09]

Dayo Wong and Charmaine Sheh’s TVB series [You're Hired] has been garnering good ratings and word of mouth since its airing. Last week is the finale week and it continues to receive audiences support, with peak ratings at 40 point. Though the ending episode on Saturday only peaked at 38 points, it's considered a good result. Earlier Dayo indicate that if the ratings reached 40 points, he will consider filming a sequel. Since the series achieved good results, there might be chances of filming a sequel after all.

No repost.

Congrats to [You're Hired] cast! The series garnered 40 points ratings with just word of mouth by audiences and almost no promotion/hype by TVB! There's even talk among netizens that Dayo is the dark horse candidate for this year's Best Actor award - though I generally think that this year is Wayne Lai's turn, I do wish Dayo can nab the Favorite Male Character Award instead since he's not TVB contract artistes.

The scene where it reached 40 points = Miu Miu (Charmaine) overheard Song (Dayo) confessing to the cactus that he have fallen in love with her.


hyn5 said...

That is great news! :)

sehseh said...

I'm so excited with the news, because it's been some time since Charmaine series peaked at 40 points :)

But TVB is totally an ass, they never intended to promote this series because Dayo is not their contracted artistes. Practically zero promo, barely any update on TVB site (NG clips, trailers).

Look at what they did for BF3... blehhh

I do not think a sequel will be in place, because Dayo doesn't do sequels. Plus, I feel that a good series doesn't need to have sequels. About the prequel movie, that's even more unlikely for TVB to invest so much for Dayo. However I do think that the premise for prequel is quite interesting.

kenn said...

A great movie ever!!!

hyn5 said...

TVB didn't promote this series much because Dayo was super busy with his standup, and Charmaine wasn't in HK. Do you really want TVB to promote the series without the 2 mains?

Also, Tommy side series are not as "Cheung Yeung" with promos. They are super low-key. :)

sehseh said...

Then how do you explain the silent treatment by TVB after receiving good ratings? Apart of the clip abt 39 points days before the ending, TVB did not mention AT ALL the 40 points rating, or even the 38 points for ending. Even until today.

If it were other series with merely 35 points, TVB will be beating pots and drums announcing it everywhere.

In addition, You're Hired website barely update any clips, PA notes and NGs. Compare that to [A Bride for A Ride], the previous series in the same time slot? Weren't it produced by Poon Kar Tak, who is also under Tommy Leung?

It is understandable that Dayo and Charmaine were not able to promote the series in events together, but surely TVB can arrange for promo materials and clips?

And like I said earlier, TVB did not acknowledge the good results for You're Hired, and also Dayo. For series at 8:30pm in 2009, You're Hired results is beyond good.

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