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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

[Next Magazine Issue 1021] Poetry of the Day After - Charmaine Sheh

Pics credit to KuangaiTVB BBS

Recently, Charmaine Sheh attended a few weddings. Every time, she will end up crying.

(Journalist) It's same for me. When the cameraman said that I'm not smiling happily enough, or pressed me to say a few more wedding wish, or having to leave my name card to friends and relatives for lucky draw, I can't help but cry.

"I'm touched at the moment where the bride and groom exchanged their wedding vows", said Charmaine.

34 years old, TV Queen, single. Being photographed in the same car with Kevin Cheng and 'kicked off' the car by boyfriend. They hurriedly cover up the rumors.

"In weddings, it shows that love does exist. Promising your life to another person! Such a grand pledge, how can you say that it's not something great?"

From being laid back in the beginning, now feeling the urge to get married.

For those who do not bring their girlfriend to weddings, you made the right choice.

Getting off the car

Next: Are you going to deny your romance with Kevin Cheng, no matter what?

Charmaine: Put it this way – before you start a relationship, you must go through the stage of communication and understanding each other. I admit that my relationship with Kevin has reached this stage, but it did not work out for us.

Next: The reason?

Charmaine: Maybe we are too different in personalities. It's more suitable to maintain our relationship as friends. And also due to our working schedule, we barely have opportunity to meet and communicate.

Next: Does the difference in status and wealth affect it as well?

Charmaine: Definitely not for me. Does this concern him? I'm not sure.

Next: Which aspect of Kevin attracts you?

Charmaine: Being single. You might not believe it, but he's already single when I know him. Maybe it sounds like the fairytale romance, but unfortunately you can only see the surface. The truth might not be as anticipated by audiences.

Next: Everyone assume that you are the 3rd party between Kevin Cheng and Niki Chow.

Charmaine: Erm. I've never thought of defending myself. Does it matter whether I make statement? Everyone handled issues differently. Charmaine Sheh does not like using other people's name to publicize herself.

Next: How does it feel, being kicked off the car by Kevin?

Charmaine: Funny. Which part of his action showed that he kicked me off the car? If you get up on a car, you have to get off eventually!

A normal person

Next: Is getting married considered your most important goal?

Charmaine: If I must rank, career is more important than love. Love is more important than wealth. However, I'm already satisfied with my career. If I meet someone suitable, I am willing to invest more time.

Though there are some difficulties, but many people feel that I'm out of their league; I have high standards, or assume that I already have boyfriend. Not many dares to chat with me. I'm not totally passive; I also do not mind taking the first step to give opportunities to other people to know me. It's just that my social circle is rather small; I spent most of my time in filming studio. I already know most people there are to know of.

I'm an actress, my job is different from yours, but still I'm a normal person. Turn out that normal people doesn't befriend celebrities.

Next: Feeling lonely?

Charmaine: In the past, my work schedule was heavily packed and I have to work during festive holidays. I don't have time to feel lonely. At most I'll feel a bit down 10 mins before falling asleep, in the middle of a silent night. Though it appears that I have plenty of series to be aired, but for this year [You're Hired], [Beyond the Realm of Conscience] have only used 6 months to film. The rest of the time, I'm pretty leisured... I really hope to find someone suitable for myself.

Letting go

Next: Your ex-rivals such as Gigi Lai, Kenix Kwok, and Maggie Cheung has already faded out slowly; you are still competing?

Charmaine: They have found something worthy to invest into. I haven't, therefore I have to continue working in this field. Look at me, you say that I am very ambitious – "Charmaine Sheh is not that generous. Like fighting for Best Actress award, like taking part in competition, always wanting to win." Actually, it's just coincidence that I was nominated every year.

Before you win, you really wish to feel how it's like to hold the award trophy. What's next after the excitement? There's no salary raise, only increased pressure. Audiences will have higher expectation toward me. A small mistake will be heavily criticized.

You asked me if I would like to continue winning. I'm scared that I'm not nominated for next year's anniversary award, afterall I am still working in this field. Fortunately, if I lose I feel that I can let go of it.

From catching up other people, to being the target to catch up to, do I feel dreadful or proud of it?

If you want to compete, you should compete with those near your age group. I'm already in my 30's, of course I will compete with those from age 30-40! Do not compare me with those in their 20's. I will feel burdened.

Birth, age, illness and death

This statement sounded reasonable. The more reasonable it sounds, the more difficult to carry out. Women, when they are 50 years old, they wish to return to 30 years old. The 30 years old want to turn back into 22 years old. Only those 20 years old will wish to grow older, so that they could take part in singing competition and will not be criticized by judges for neglecting their studies.

Because she inherited genetically grey hairs during childhood, Charmaine Sheh see increased wrinkles as natural occurrence. Even if she is not as beautiful as she used to be, she's not afraid of it. The process of birth, age, illness and death, she fears illness and death the most.

"My grandmother is 98 years old. I am scared seeing her falling sick because of old age. I'm afraid that one day, I will become burden for others, having them constantly worrying for me. The worst is wasting the time of people around me, but did not help my health at all. If possible, I do not wish to live until very old."

It was said that people who have not turned 30 years old, think themselves as immortals. If you lost money you can gain them back, if you lost a lover you can always find a better replacement. They do not realize that nothing is definite. Only until your loved ones passed away one by one, you will feel regretful wasting too much time. There are still a lot of things you want to achieve.

"What I want to do, I have already achieved most of them. Or maybe, there's only one thing I did not have the opportunity to experience."

That one thing is getting married and having children.

Epilogue: Re-adjusting Attitude

"What I want to do, I have already achieved most of them"

(Journalist) Do you feel envious hearing this statement?

Basically, I'm filled with jealousy. At least, I haven't traveled to a lot of places I wish to go.

Charmaine Sheh mentioned for 8-9 years, she was filming series non-stop and did not dared to take leave for even half a day. Until recent years she is more willing to take break; going for overseas holiday at Switzerland, Japan, United States etc.

Having extra money; worthy to be envied of. Having time to spare; worthy to be envied of. The most envy-worthy should be the attitude. Coming from someone who used to be the center of attention, she can still be at ease and without self-doubt even if she suddenly retreats from the spotlight. This is harder than you imagined. For example, you keep complaining that you have to work day in day out. But when you are being cast aside, you will complaint not being valued.

When you have it, you will complaint it's troublesome. But you fear as soon as you lose it...

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Sehseh: Hope you all enjoyed the article translation. I hope that Charmaine will find what she's looking for - she deserves the love and happiness from the best Mr Right!

I know I said this many times, but her new hairstyle is looking great! Hehehe...

p.s. Charmaine TVB Blog is updated, check it out!


alicechen said...

I'm with you there SehSeh, her new hairstyle is so cool and spunky. It does give her character an "edge".

So many magazine interviews this year. Same questions all over again. Love her answers though!!! ^_^

Thanks for the hard work SehSeh! ^_^

sehseh said...

She still have another magazine interview coming up... rubbing hands gleefully~~~

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